Disposable Virtual Card

The pandemic made us all adapt to digital payments!
But have you ever really wanted to mask your bank/card details while conducting the transaction?
Presenting before you, Disposable Virtual Card
-An Ultra Secure way of transacting online that eliminates the requirement of communicating card/ account details.

Give us a :+1: if you feel you need this and tell me below how will you use this feature? :thinking:


This is soo intresting Sahil. I think it’s a most wanted feature from any bank and it will safe our bank from any unknown transaction.

I would largely use this feature when I share card details with friends/ family who need to make a one-off transaction using my card because of an offer running on it or for better rewards!

Would reduce the hassle of sharing original card details and worry less.


popular sites does not have trust issues and i automatically feel secure to add my card. but there are these one of websites which i may need to make a purchase from just because it isn’t available anywhere else. this is where all my red flags rise. This is exactly where i would love to use the disposable card


This idea is awesome and this digital generation need this. . or make it as gift card. where you can share this virtual with friends and family with certain amount limit . wtw sbi is ahead in this but to long process. ( used sbi 2-3 year ago.) @JupiterTeam

Wow…This is genius…
Since pandemic cases of internet fraud has risen, so services like these can add a security to Online Payments.

Create Virtual Cards on request with usage limitations…


We all know about the risk of online fraud and phishing… recently we also saw the air india hack where users card details were shared in internet… I saw somewhere in the internet about this… temp. Card generator which works for a few mins and destroys itself… basically same as temp. Email generator… it would be cool and safe if jupiterians can access this feature


Are you launching this feature?