Increasing the limit of virtual card offersed

Increasing the limit of virtual card offered

Hai @Billionaire Welcome to the community. :v:t2:
Are you suggesting increasing the daily spending limit of the card?
A detailed suggestion/feedback would be very helpful. :+1:t2:

No . I mean the number of cards we can create

So I think you mean tokenised cards that could be used for one time purchases or a predefined number of purchases to protect your primary card number.

Am I right?

I kind of remember that Jupiter was considering it in the past. But I am not sure though.

Yes. Something like virtual debit card they offer now . But one account can have only one virtual card. I mean you should allow them to have 5 cards in a account

The card tokenised features is good. I can revoke website saving my card for charging me.

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Indie let’s you have the one time debit cards.


Yes. That is a good security feature.

But I think the implementation may be difficult. Mostly from an expense standpoint.

I am guessing that Jupiter needs to pay Federal Bank, Visa, etc (basically the card issuers) for the number of cards and considering the existing debit card itself has become chargeable, this seems next to impossible.

Also right now it may not be a priority for the team.

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You may check here… Jupiter

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