Multiple credit cards

I have a jupiter account and a card that I ordered from the app. Is it possible for me to create a second credit card and set a transaction limit on it?

credit card?? Jupiter offered you a CC?

I have a debit card and now I need a second credit card.

@Sagar_Tiwari Hey! We do not provide a credit card. Could you let us know why you would want one though? :blob_think:

You can set the transaction limits on your debit card too.

@Shawnpinto Can I get a second debit card and set a limit on it?

@Sagar_Tiwari You can only use 1 debit card at a time :space_reading:
Unless something happens to your card, we can issue you a new one but then your old card gets disabled.

Maybe he’s asking for something like an add-on card . As far as I know debit cards don’t have that feature.

how con i apply for credit card