We may not get what we want ,but let's polish it what we get

As Jupiter has decided to charge for debit card ( which we don’t want ) , let’s think according to our own benefits

Let’s list down some exclusive features of Jupiter debit card which we wish to have after paying the charges ?

My suggestions :

  1. Lounge access
  2. NFC works on samsung pay ,Google pay
    3.rewards point on debit card spending.
  3. health check ups ( rupay select cards have )

Now , expends your list …
Ps: we will still sought for LTF card till march 24 ,but also making a alternative routes .


This is a good move @Biswabiology :blob_thanks:

Adding @niranjan_kumar Debit Card & reward suggestions here

And from @The_But


@Shawnpinto All just ask you ,but never want to listen to you …

Apart from Jupiter employee ,What is your wish to have on a debit card …?


Hmm, if you ask me, I’d want to have a LED J logo on it :face_with_peeking_eye:

I think Razer did this. (The gaming company)


Yeah if it glows every time you tap to pay it would be cool.

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Not sure how they implemented this.
It would need a battery.

How does one charge such a slim card/device?

NFC can transmit small amounts of power.

They will take cahrge from pos machine itself
The LED can be customized in 3 colors (red, green, blue) and adapted to illuminate any logo.

PLEASE :memo: NOTE THAT The card is battery-less and is powered by the POS’s NFC field.

@Shawnpinto You can always reach out to IDEMIA
Or Razor


Makes sense, that explains why it glows up only during payments.
Maybe it can glow in the dark too while we’re casually keeping it around.

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You can discuss this with team ,
Try to figure out it’s cost …
If it’s feasible to Jupiter then Make it possible…

The “J” Would illuminate during tap to pay …

If you can able to implement this to your card ,may be most of the people will take this ,at least one time just to experience the magic :tophat: :sparkles:


This would be just for aesthetics tbh. I believe what we should focus on are the other suggestions shared above. Those suggestions are more on functionality and access, more value.

I’ve passed this on to the team :blob: