Jupiter themed debit card skins 💳

Hello! :wave:t3:

Have you ever heard of Debit card skins? They’re like stickers for your card.
There were some discussions internally about having one but, we’re still thinking about it :eyes:

We wanted to hear the community’s thoughts about these as well. Do you own or used one before?

If you haven’t seen any Debit card skins, here are some examples:

They come in 2 types.

  • Covers the whole card, like shown above or,
  • Covers everything else except the numbers and info, for example below.

Some thoughts:

  • It’s better to have a full cover in our case since the space fire debit card is blank in the front and the numbers are behind.
  • We also think keeping the OG spacefire colour is needed since that’s what we started with and that’s how our users remember us. In this case, would it be better to keep translucent skin instead?
  • We wanted to keep this for special users. Community folks maybe? :eyes:

For example, gift box wraps. Some come in a faded translucent type with few patterns. But you can still see what’s underneath.

Also, here’s a similar concept shared by @Aswin_Benny

Share your thoughts below!



Waiting to see some mockups :zap::zap:. i got tired of the plane colour now :sweat_smile:


@Aswin_Benny Same! We’re actually making some for trying it out.
Can’t seem to pick a colour though.

If you’ve noticed, we’ve been adding the ‘space’ theme everywhere in our communications, social media, in app design, etc.

Keeping this theme in mind,

What theme should we pick for our Card skin?
  • Galaxy theme (Dark, minimal, with stars & rocket)
  • 2 Spacemen floating in space, shaking their hands
  • Transparent theme with rockets and stars
  • Bug hunters/Community edition?

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Cool yaar​:thinking:! Could love to try it out as you know print on debit card comes out of card within fews uses! I don’t know why bank is using such a kind of printer :angry:


All of my cards looks as if its new :joy: I rarely use cards in atm. I use tap n pay mostly.


I have never paid via Tap & Pay (till now) I just use them to withdrawn cash. Because most vendor still depends on cash.


I will prefer the other side on this one.

Like the colour. Usually the vendor takes a good look when I give it for payment. Secondly, I mostly use it for online transactions. Also, why are we talking about debit skins when there are other important matters like CREDIT CARDS!!


@maulik_satasiya I like your perspective!

Thinking about the back side of the card too. Good stuff.
It makes sense to flash your card and they only look at the front side first.

We are also working on a Credit card or a feature in the lending space! It’s WIP :hammer_and_wrench:

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WIP means Work-in-progress? Right?




Think the translucent sticker is a rather nice idea, where in we can retain the unique color of the card too (stays true to your brand identity) and the translucent stickers could probably have customized illustrations that add to the pattern of the card

Eg - the way the card numbers are printed on the back side could be an extension of the portal gun illustration from rick and morty :stuck_out_tongue:

But would love a sticker fosho

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This is a really cool idea, hadn’t heard of it before. Would specially like it cause I could change it up every few months, keep the card looking fresh !

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Slaypay has this concept.https://slaypay.app


To be honest. I have never used my Jupiter card outside since the launch.

There is no benifit or advantage of doing so over upi.

I believe you should go more towards utility and features rather than asthetic.
I don’t see Jupiter doing anything extra they other nio banks can’t.


I absolutely dig that cyberpunk design!!! Can we get it in neon?

Meanwhile Here are some recommendations for mock ups:

Rick n morty (no explanation. I’m too wasted.)

GOT/ House of Dragon (we could do different houses - like Stark’ Chill, Targaryen Fyre or Lannister Gold, etc…)

Terminator (I know the franchise has been beaten to the death, but cmon- give us a T-800)

Avatar (for the blue haired folks)

Shaktiman (PLEASE, at least for the street cred. I’ll pay ₹5000 a year for it)

Dragonball (YESSSS!!!)

Suits (Harvey Spector Uber cool for the premium corpos)

Okay ima get off my soapbox.



These skins can be sent in the onboarding box too like other stickers are there. It’s perfect place to share with new onboarding.

Maybe a premium or special category one can be offered as per the plans.


I also want💯 to own the credit card
From when we can get cc of Jupiter

And about the skin this is good idea but most of people will not buy these skin if these are paid​:money_mouth_face: but if they are free​:heart_eyes: then everyone will love​:star_struck: them I think :thinking:


It’s pretty cool idea actually :cowboy_hat_face:.

I’ll first show my friends who are using fi money and I’ll troll them :rofl:.


Tbh Fi money’s color choice of their card is cool, but overall design looks generic.