Jupiter themed debit card skins 💳

@Yash_Gothwal But what if it was for free? Like we give to users as a reward for an achievement :eyes:



Big fan :100:

But this… no way :sob: :blown:


I like the anime themed debit card skins…
Like imagine it makes the skins looks more cooler and unique between many teenagers…
I will definitely buy those…

Interesting idea and would definitely be interested to try it on my Jupiter card but then like a member had already mentioned, cannot think beyond the fact as to how adding skins might help/benefit the community and its users beyond providing some aesthetic aspects. I believe the community as a whole will appreciate and benefit if any offers/cashback schemes are offered. Just a thought. Happy to discuss

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Then it’s great because people love free rewards :heart_eyes::100: from which they can show off :money_mouth_face:

You should give user who are in community or who’s are maintaining NRV or give to all but don’t make any contest like spend some amount , cause many users don’t spend so much (including me).
I just use jupiter for my day to day upi transfer and creating pots to save money , maintaining NRV etc etc, you can found many users just like me who not spend so much.

And if in future when jupiter team going to
Give the skins to user just mailed them all available skins with proper clear picture , and with that mail also give a typeform or google form to choose debit card skin, get shipping details, and registered email id and registered mobile number so user can claim skins only once per account.

My English is not so good​:upside_down_face::upside_down_face:


@The_But I liked the third one. Feels minimal and also sticks to the subject :zap:

Did you make it bro? Its really :zap::zap:

I found it here

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Check the nasa ticket. Jupiter could make the card look like a premium boarding pass to jupiter from earth :penguin: (plz dont put too much white colour in the card :no_mouth:)

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How can we get those skins?

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I really like the one with the astronauts. One improvement could be to entirely remove the leftmost astronaut whose head is awkwardly cropped due to the chip.

You can simple order online. Most of websites have skins and you can customize too.

I am hearing this for the first time :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
Thanks @Shawnpinto for this thread.

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@razack Np! Some of my friends were actually using these, hence bringing up the idea to provide one but with a Jupiter theme.

Their idea for having a Debit card wrap was:

  1. The card had scratches and didn’t want to replace it. So they wanted to give it a fresh new look
  2. Matches with their wallet/clothes :grin:
  3. To switch and match with the recent trends. - I know a person with a Money Heist wrap few months ago.

@here what would be your reason to get or use one? :blob_think:


Just show off with my friends :ghost:

@Shawnpinto Make a context to provide skins of different jupiter theme for people…

Try that Maximum people can win so that They will put these skins to their credit or debit cards. everyone will notice Jupiter theme.

It could be a marketing stratagy for Jupiter,


@here Oh my, looks like the Galaxy theme had got the highest no. of votes :tick:
We’ll start preparing the mockups and share them here.

Most likely, they will be opaque and not transparent. This also lets you stand out from other users :cool_cat:

Stay tuned~