Jupiter themed debit card skins 💳

Galaxy is not so cool. I don’t like it.

I think a translucent sticker would be good with doodles or illustrations only on the front side. The Jupiter space fire color looks good and turns eyes every time i take it out. The sticker shouldnt hide the card’s details.

It can be a dynamic thing if people prefer doodles, you can have tons of fun options around but if people want to have a sticker where it shows what they spend on most y’all can have special stickers for that.

for e.g. if I like to travel - I would love to have a travel-themed sticker but not completely hide Jupiter’s colors.

Instead of yellow it will be translucent and show off the doodle as well as the OG color


That’s what we were concerned about! The spacefire gotta stay somehow.

We’ll make mockups of 2 versions. 1 can be fully opaque and the other is translucent.

The translucent one will have elements like rockets, stars, an UFO maybe? :thinking:

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I’d love this! Plain and simple.

And this for nostalgia bait:

Block this

Shaktimaaaaaan tatatataaaa :face_holding_back_tears:

@nateavi You’re obsessed with this hero :blob_sweat:
I remember you named our spaceman Shaktiman too!

Hold up, is it just me or is his suit too detailed? Look at the honeycomb patterns!

Oh and regarding the mock ups, we’ll be sharing them by this week.
Speak peeks in the main post banner!

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These are based on leaks f a reboot of the classic. Todah modern shaktiman vibes.

Rumours have it that’s it’s gonna be Ranveer Singh donning the costume. :cry:

I don’t like this Ranveer Singh! Shameless guy.

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Ikr! I don’t see him as a good fit for shaktiman. Maybe Sid Malhotra perhaps? :thinking:

Siddharth Malhotra

Bollywood should give chance to outside (New Actors) instead of start kids. We are bored want something new something unique like Tollywood. Tollywood gives chance to everyone unlike bollywood.


@here We’ve got our first mock-up for our Debit Card Skins! :credit_card:
We stuck to the galaxy/space theme for now.

What do you think of the color scheme?


  • Since the backside is in spacefire, the front must blend in.
  • We could not make a transparent theme. Looks like it has to be opaque.

Here’s what we have for now:

1. Dark/cyan theme

2. Violet/Planet theme

3. Spaceman theme

4. UFO theme

5. Spaceship theme

Voting time! Which one would you prefer and why?

  • Dark/Cyan theme
  • Violet/Planet theme
  • Spaceman theme
  • UFO theme
  • Spaceship theme
  • I have a different theme in mind.

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If you have a theme that you think is better for us, let us know!
Even better if you could come up with your own design and show it to us!

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I dig the Spaceman theme the most! Violet is cool too.


Same violet feels cool because its simple and i love spaceman :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Dark/cyan theme is unique combination.
Loved it :blush:


The skin looks really cool, compact & stylish. I think we should go ahead with it.
The Newage stylish debit card - Jupiter Debit Card.

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