Debit Card First Look

Just now received the debit card .

Looking awesome :heart_eyes:

I will post remaining pics tommorow .
Stay tuned :v::crossed_fingers:


Which courier they used to send card?

Bluedart. @saurav9680

Give full unboxing bro. Don’t tease us.

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this is how card looks. not mine got it from twitter


In website it is shown a green colour card as well. I wonder what card is that… :thinking:

Jupiter’s theme is this orangish colour so thats why i guess card is of this colour . maybe they will give option to choose which colour you want .

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Kewl, more pics pls :grin:

This color is called Spacefire. The green esque color debit card will come later as told by support team.



Since it’s on visa Signature platform, is there any exclusive benefits with this card?

Nothing is written on these waste papers😆
It would be better if they just send a paper with card benefits details instead of these wastes.

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Right. Minimalism is new cool.

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Edit: Nevermind, found the relevant page Jupiter Fee, Rates and Charges | Jupiter

I wonder if there will be yearly charges for the card and the corresponding fees structure.

Here’s the link of Fee, Rates and Charges

It is clearly mentioned that No Issuance fee of the card, No AMC and even no replacement fee of the debit card

Yeah, found the page already and edited my post. :+1:

Waiting for mine…

Let’s see when can I get this beauty.

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this debit card looks phenomenal