Jupiter Debit Card Design


I could recommend to change your debit card design because I can’t see any spaceman.

I’m attaching one debit card design you may get inspired by that image to redesign the card


Hey @CarolinMerces ,

That’s a pretty cool design! Will share it with the team.

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Hey Shawn Pinto,
If you can add this cool design with coustom name it would be sick.

(Opinion) I prefer the quick read cards more and want my cards simple, If you look at the current card design we have its godamn sick.

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@Partharsid @RSSM You do prefer:

  • Old fashioned numbers in front
  • Plain in front and all numbers behind (Current design)

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And also it’ll be good if it’s made up of metal,
Cuz once I accidentally stepped on my card and now it’s type of broke.

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If many of them are interested in plain design then can you add an flexibility
To change the font and the name on the card.

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@Partharsid Something like this? We're conducting a survey on customisable cards! 💳 - #23 by Shawnpinto

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Yeah I want the same And custom fonts like calibre,etc

I think it would be great if you could provide an option to add photos of the account holder’s choice…