Card looks

Jupiter debit card looks are too basic where as inovation in looks can make a huge difference
:- as people consider cards with amazing graphics and coustom
:- as cards looks different it will do marketing it self when someone pulls a good looking card with coustom every one ask for it
:- there should be pre Jupiter design card then coustom card ( people can pay 50 -200 ) for coustom cards i think .
Jupiter team should think about this .


I love the current look, but custom designs will definitely be a good add-on.


Current card is too much basic
There should be three categories
1:- basic present card
2:- cards with design ( like Jupiter or moons of Jupiter in it )
3:-custom for each one with there own design


Fair ask! We need customisable cards. For a start, maybe let the user pick from a six card deck, and then go from there.

When it comes to metal, I’d be cool with paying an annual fee. I understand it’s expensive to make, but it should be a optional?

Wanna use these default card + customisable nickname? Okay. Free

Wanna pick a card amongst these six designs? That’s “premier”. Here’s the annual charge of ₹99 (or close by).

Go guns blazing metal black? GOOD CHOICE!
That’s an annual charge of ₹299.

Oh and you get additional perks such as more membership rewards n stuff!


Metal card sounds cool, like OneCard already provides Metal Card.

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Jupiter has already updated the prices to ₹199, for first time and replacement. Giving customisation is the least they can do.

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