₹10 surcharge for Edge Rupay UPI fuel transactions?

I paid ₹372.15 through UPI for fuel purchase using Edge Rupay credit card. I was expecting that there will be no additional fee since this is a UPI payment. But I see in my credit card statement that I was charged ₹10 + 18% GST = ₹11.80 extra. Is this fee documented anywhere?

I just checked my past statement. Kiwi does not charge anything extra. For fuel transactions, Kiwi is definitely a better choice than Jupiter Edge Rupay.

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Answering my own question, this is mentioned in the MITC document:

Nevertheless, paying ₹10 for a UPI transaction was completely unexpected. Never again am I touching this card to pay for fuel.

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As per the MITC of edge rupay card there is surcharge on fuel expenses . Fuel surcharges are waived on expenses in range of ₹400-₹3000 (max of ₹100 in surcharge per cycle) . It is mentioned below the schedule of fees in ***.

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But it’s kind of a bad move to charge for a UPI transaction. The government has said that they consider UPI as the “common good” and absorbing the cost. Why should a bank collect compensation for a low value transaction from the government as well as from the customer?

These surcharges is prescribed by govt for fuel merchants

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Are you saying Kiwi is violating the government’s prescription? HDFC also says that there will be no surcharge for UPI credit card payments:

It’s fine if CSB wants to charge this. Every bank is entitled to charge their customers in the way they like. I won’t touch this card again for fuel purchases; that’s all.

It’s a card benefit which bank may or may not provide. Like in this card , txn above 400 rs get the waiver

For other transactions, the cashback has been good. I’ll continue to use them for as long as the rewards remain attractive. But I won’t use Jupiter for fuel purchases, since there are better cards out there.

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even i have been charges extra everytime on my fuel expenses

For me convenience is more important. If I’ve to choose between reward and no payment failure issues, I’ll definitely choose no payment failure.

Those are not my options, fortunately. My other payment options work just fine.

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