Metal debit card on salary account

@Shawnpinto will help you.

I think metal debit card was an exclusive offer for some time in the past only.

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This shouldn’t have happened.
I suggest you to use the chat feature on the app for a quick resolution.
Also, you can either mail the issue to
or contact the customer care at 08655055086 (available 9am - 9pm)

@jhaa00289 I don’t think so. Still I can see it under the exclusive offer/benefit section of opening a Salary account on the app. Further, it is still mentioned under the FAQ section of Opening Salary account :+1:t2:

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But I don’t think that anyone has got this except some few people.

Metal Debit Card is hype they create to attract valuable customers to make Jupiter their first preference. But the truth is they are not even providing Metal Debit cards, they have stopped it but still making us visible in their Faq about the metal debit card. It is a false promise.

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Any Salary account holder whose salary credit on Jupiter >= 2L per month will be eligible for a free Metal Debit Card.

So, if you are eligible, I suggest you to use the chat option on the app or mail the same to for further updates.

You can refer this thread for more, where it clearly mentions to DM Jupiter Team if a user is eligible.

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Thanks everyone for help. Last week I got Metal Debit Card delivered and it’s very good looking and of good quality which is better than other metal card like OneCard.


General doubt-What challenges are associated with offering metal debit cards? Is the production cost significantly high?

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@chandrakant_chauhan While we as customers are disappointed with false promises (more or less), it should make business sense for any company to provide certain products or services for the survival and growth of the business.

I am thinking that in this case, the cost of metal card may be more than the cost analysis done by Jupiter. Or it could be kept as a incentive for high salary customers.

But I am certain that Jupiter wouldn’t have wanted to mislead it’s customers.

@D_M I found this through Google…,Everyone%20else%20gets%20plastic.

“The cost factors make it prohibitively expensive to issue them to every customer. So only a select few get them. Everyone else gets plastic.”

“Debit cards do not make that much money for the bank and they do not spend much money on it.”

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₹ 5,999/ Piece :exploding_head:

Not sure if this is standard cost of making a metal card though…

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I thought the cost to be approximately between 2000 to 3000 rupees because OneCard charges a 3000 rupee fee for replacing a Metal card :laughing:


So, after many months, I logged into the Junio app today and saw this
So, they are offering Metal Cards for 4000 (for those interested).

I am currently wondering what is preventing Jupiter from implementing it. This has been on the roadmap for quite some time.


@Jiten any scoop on this? :face_with_peeking_eye:

I would have loved to see this on Jupiter “India’s first RuPay metal card”

Rs.5000 seems in line with what Monzo charged for their metal card in 2020.

Monzo: £50 = ~ ₹5000
Revolut: £40 = ~ ₹4000
Curve: £37 = ~ ₹3800

Of course there may be a difference in material used and there is defenitely a difference of 3 years.

“Insiders at Revolut say its own metal card costs around £40 to produce, while an investor at Curve said its card had a £37 production cost (thanks to a US-based manufacturer).”

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Metal cards ideally should be offered for a very premium category card like the HDFC Infinia or Amex Black. A metal card in the non premium category fails to justify the cost involved in issuing it.


Yes. My thoughts exactly. :slight_smile:

Also it doesn’t make sense for a debit card. Especially in India where the majority of cost conscious consumers may not want to pay Rs.5000 for a debit card.

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Hi, My monthky income is 1.15 L if i shift my salary to jupiter account will i get a metal debit card ?

@Shawnpinto can we pls offer Metal card on conversion