Disappointed with service

Before converting customer to your bank your main concern should be how u can help customer, i switched to jupiter salary account as i thought something new in Market fot customer level but if you are doing same as old banks then don’t show such advertisements, after being to salary account if you say me i am ineligible for everything then whats the difference between a salary account user and other bank normal user, and be helpful in human level, every time any concern all representatives say this is automated system we can’t do anything, seriously.

Hai @Deepak_Joshi
Apologizes for any inconvenience you’ve encountered.
Could you kindly provide more details about the issue or problem you’re experiencing?
If you haven’t already submitted a support ticket, I suggest creating one by emailing support@jupiter.money. If you’ve already created a ticket, please share the ticket ID.

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Hope you will hear from the salary team soon

I have sent them via chat and email many times but all chats are closed and emails also don’t have ticket no.

@razack actually i have some dues left as i got lay off from my previous company, so when i switched new company i saw jupiter ads that if u open salary account in Jupiter we can provide ODS like benefits, so i switched to salary account its been four months my salary gets credited and incentives also so i asked them many times when will i get the benefits but due to credit score is low i got ineligible everytime, one of the reason i switched to salary account as they will provide ODS or credit card against salary account, i also told that i give full concent to auto debit, once salary gets credited kindly deduct amount but same reply that it is automated system we can’t do anything, other banks or savings account can say this thing but salary account, i asked many times atleast give me a low limit so u can get assured but no help, for me salary account and savings account are same, i asked for this because jupiter know about my monthly credit so they can deduct but same response from past 4 months

Jupiter providing so much mis leading information or offers to join it’s Salary account but after getting joining they could not provide any offers and then told that this services are Automated, we can’t do anything. If their processes are automated then why same is not mentioning on their offers page. Change your salary account to some other bank.

Kotak mahindra bank is providing credit Card against salary account. So it think old banks are still helpful

I don’t think any bank provides any form of credit just because you have a salary account with them. Credit Score is an important criteria for any sort of credit. Even if one or two bank provides, the limit will be very less.

And most of the banks offer credit card or some sort of credit with salary account but not if your Credit score is low.


@Pratyushh I think so too. I think one needs good credit score for issuance of credit card. At least the unsecured ones.

@Deepak_Joshi I got a credit card through my salary account in HDFC because SBI didn’t even take my application as I didn’t have a credit score.

So HDFC considered that I didn’t have a credit score but I have a 2 years relationship with them. So I got a credit card and built my credit score and then got the SBI card.

I would recommend you to get a secured credit card by depositing a FD. Using that secured card, you can build your credit score. Then you can get any credit card you want.

Hope it helps…

And as for automated systems, Jupiter is a new entrant and the fact is they can’t directly compete with the goliaths like HDFC, ICICI or for that matter even Federal Bank. So the costs could be kept minimal through automated systems.

Hope you can understand that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Deepak, Abhinav from the Salary Account team here. Apologies for the inconvenience caused here. Can you please share your registered phone number on Jupiter through DM? Will get this issue checked for you.

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