What do you use Jupiter for?

So for the last 6 months I have tried to fit Jupiter into several roles when managing my finances. But I have failed to find a place for it. I will list down the reasons why it did not fit the categories:

Salary Account

  • Using Jupiter as my Salary account means missing out on the pre-approved offers, preferential interest rates for credit and loans that my existing Salary account gives. And they are really good.

Primary/Emergency Account

  • No sweep in/out functionality - which is very important for your emergency corpus.
  • Interest rate on SA/Pots is less when compared to my existing account.
  • The daily transfer limits are also less (AFAIK 5L limit for NEFT etc.)
  • Not very confident with their support and lack of physical branches to go to if something goes wrong.

Payments/Expenses Account

  • Inferior rewards and merchant offers on making purchases
  • The app is sluggish and slow, so I don’t really feel confident when making that last minute payment. And eventually my fingers go to Paytm/PhonePe.
  • Surprisingly, Jupiter has not been on focusing on Budgets/Analysis. I initially thought that they would pay a lot more attention to this because that is the use-case which I assumed they pitch themselves for.
  • No smart savings options like “Invest the Change”

Investments Account

  • They are slowly building towards this but it is a long road ahead.
  • I have been trying to get a cheque book for months now. Because I do not have any proof (passbook, cancelled cheque) - my broker does not accept Jupiter.
  • Also, presence of two IFSC and early phases make me a bit less confident linking Jupiter with long-term investments.

So, these are the reasons why I am unable to actively use Jupiter. Right now I am only using the “app” and not the “bank”. I am a fan of what Jupiter is trying to do and I want to be an active user, that is why I am coming to the community - how do you use Jupiter? Why problem/use-case Jupiter itself is trying to solve and which category/audience they are targeting.

P.S: I am aware that Jupiter is in early phases and they will eventually become mature in one/more of the categories. But let’s please keep this discussion to the current scenario.


Expense management only.

For all others like Salary/Investment, I stick to conventional banks


I use Jupiter as my primary account now. I have retained my HDFC Bank account for use cases that need a net banking option.


Payment and expenses


payments and bill payments etc


Regular payments and to check insights once in a while :mag:

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Account Aggregator is one of my best feature

I have 8 Savings accounts and i just go to jupiter app and check my overall Net Worth. That’s Simple


All are zero balance ? Which banks you have ?