(Limited time event) Get up to 2.5% Cashback on Digital Gold! 💰

Hello everyone! :hyper_wave:

We’ve got some festive surprises for you! :sparkles:
It’s raining Cashback on Jupiter and you can get your hands on it too.


Limited time event :sparkles:

Buy 24K Digital Gold on Jupiter and earn up to ₹2,000 cashback as Jewels :jewel:


  • To earn 1% Jewels, buy Digital Gold worth ₹100-₹999 (for Salary and Pro users only)
  • To earn 1% Jewels, buy Digital Gold worth ₹1,000-₹4,999
  • To earn 1.5% Jewels, buy Digital Gold worth ₹5,000-₹19,999
  • To earn 2.5% Jewels, buy Digital Gold worth ₹20,000 or more
  • Amounts for Gold purchase are applicable per transaction (one-time or Habit)
  • Jewels will be credited instantly to your Jewels balance (5 :jewel: = 1 ₹). Convert these to cash or turn them into more Gold!
  • Pro and Salary users will continue to earn 1% :jewel: up to 750 Jewels per month outside of this offer period (1st-15th November)

Offer valid for a limited period.

Who can participate? :thinking:

Everyone! Yayy! :partying_face:

Where can I find this? :mag:

Check the rewards page on the Jupiter app for more details. (Home page > Jewels > Banners below)

This is your chance to earn more than ever! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get rewarded on all your gold purchases :sparkles:

Good luck! :rocket::moneybag::gift:


Dear Team,
Please provide ticket id i am unble to open account .

Hey @Shawnpinto , why gold doesnt show up in assets page like pots. and also i cant see it adding up to my networth. as you can see i have gold worth 536. it not adding anywhere in my networth/assets. my networth just consists of my balance, pots and mutual funds. is it a bug ?

I want to change my mobile number Cain you help me

This is strange. @rujiq I suggest raising this with the support team, so that we can have a look :slight_smile:


Hey everyone!

Just a friendly (sanskaari) reminder that today is the festival of Dhanteras - we’re running our biggest offer of the year on :sparkles: Digital Gold :sparkles: on the Jupiter app!

For those of you who want to usher in good fortune the modern way, you can buy Digital Gold in a click on the app and win up to 1000 Jewels :jewel:!