New feature incoming | Any guesses?

Here’s a look at our good ol’ payments tab. But, there’s something different about it.
Any idea what’s coming? :eyes:

Hint: It’s one of our most awaited features :stuck_out_tongue:


Ability to edit the UPI Id to customise it?

Beeeeep. Wrong :stuck_out_tongue:
Look closer!

Bill payment reminders for billers that have been added?

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Noooo. Not even close.
I’ll keep this here, it’s gonna be a tough one to figure out.

Is it search via Voice ?

The headphones icon :thinking:

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Nuh uh.

That’s the chat/support icon.

Search bar isn’t on the payments tab anymore too.

“Pay to Contact” feature :cool_doge:

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I give up. I am growing old. Cannot risk dementia :crazy_face:

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UPi payments to a phone number

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Pay to contact feature ?



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Jupiter credit card


Whate is this Jupiter community bar bar maill ata hai par hai Kiya

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Ability to access 5G networks on 4G phones :joy::joy: using jupiter app

Yahan aap Baki users ke saath connect kar Sakte hain, Jupiter ke naye features ke update pa sakte hain, un features ke testing mein participate kar sakte hain.

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Handi jante hai no English

Sir dabit card pin to set ha magar deposit money par jakar UPI ID activate nahi ho rahi ha sir please help