(Completed) Lab test #14 - Pay to Contact on Jupiter 📞

@Jupiterlabs , assemble! :raised_hands:t3:

We’re finally live with Pay to Contact in the Jupiter app :rocket:
This was a long-awaited feature, a lot of folks wanted it, and it’s here!

To access this, you will need to be on the app version 2.1.4 and above.

Navigation :mag:

  1. You can quickly access Pay to Contact on the home page.

  1. Or, you could head over to the payments tab and tap on the icon under Money transfer.

Create your UPI Number if you haven’t yet :link:

You can now create a custom UPI number that will be linked to your Jupiter UPI ID. Use it to receive payments from any UPI app.

What to test :test_tube:

  1. Create your UPI number, check the flow, and let us know how it went.
  2. Did you face anything during the process? Were you able to understand the flow?
  3. Try sending it to your friends/family. Was the process smooth?
  4. Messages received while sending and receiving.
  5. Feedback on Design and UI in the app.

Spoiler alert :eyes:

We’re building a common search for all your UPI transfers. You can transfer using phone number, UPI number, and UPI ID under 1 page.

Would something like this interest you?
  • Yes! I need this.
  • Not at the moment.
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Best reviews get :jewel:

We would like to reward Jupiter lab testers for helping us test the feature.
The Payments team will pick 5 value adding reviews in the comment section below. The 5 reviewers will be rewarded with 1000j each. The review could mention critical bug reports if any, suggestions to improve that can change user experience drastically, etc.


  • You will need to be part of the Jupiter labs group in the Community / have access to Pay to Contact.
  • Your review should be in the comments below.

Test duration :date:

July 19th, Friday to July 31, Monday 2023
The team will announce the results of chosen reviews on August 1st, 2023

Grab your lab coat and let the testing begin :test_tube:
Good luck!


There is a bug in pay to contacts, when i try to link my mobile number with upi id from jupiter app, after doing that it does not show any upi id linked to it, on other hand when i do the same from paytm app it happens in second and also shows which id is linked through jupiter app.


The process was very smooth and fast for me. No problems at all. Love the UI design.


@Gautam1 Thanks for highlighting this! :blob_thanks:
Can you take a few snaps of the error, please? If you’re on iOS.
If you’re on Android, try to take it from another device.

Also, would need a few details to take this further. Pinging you :email:

My Feedback :
1. Create your UPI number, check the flow, and let us know how it went.

  • This was good. It shows the existing UPI ID and ask to confirm if we want to change to Jupiter UPI ID which is good.
  • Finding where to create UPI number is little cumbersome. Have to navigate 3-4 sections to findout that it is under profile → UPI settings. If you can make this option to create UPI number more visible atleast for the first time, it will be good.

2. Did you face anything during the process? Were you able to understand the flow?

  • No issues. Flow is clear.

3. Try sending it to your friends/family. Was the process smooth?

  • Getting the UPI Id linked to the friend’s mobile number which is fine.
  • Here, if you can show which bank name does this UPI ID belongs or the app does this UPI ID belongs to it will be good.
    Why I am asking is, let’s say my friend has set UPI Number in Phonepe and currently, they are not using Phonepe or bank account tagged to that, it may lead to sending money to bank account that my friend don’t want to. If you can show App or bank name info, I can cross check once and if they are ok, I can send to them.
    4. Messages received while sending and receiving.
  • Those are fine.
    5. Feedback on Design and UI in the app.
  • It is good. Check point 1 for feedback on UPI Number option in Jupiter

More feedback:

  1. I have set UPI number on Jupiter. When I search for my phone number using Pay to Contact option, getting an error message that Payee not found. Instead of that, you may display that this number is tagged to Jupiter account and cannot be used to send money, it will be better.

The process of creating the UPI number was smooth

I tried out the new pay-to-contact feature and found it to be a smooth experience overall.

However, I noticed an issue that needs to be addressed.

When attempting to manually enter my custom 8-digit UPI number in the field. I discovered that the app restricts users from using 8 or 9 digit numbers in this field. It specifically prompts for a 10-digit number, as seen in the provided screenshot.

Interestingly, while Jupiter now allows the creation of 8-9 digit custom numbers, it does not provide an option to use them when making payments.

Aside from this issue, I found the overall functionality of the pay-to-contact feature to be seamless. It efficiently facilitates payments between contacts and enhancing user convenience.

The Pay to Contact feature is one of the highly requested feature, and I am pleased to see it finally become available. :rocket:


Hi Saurabh,
you should be able to transfer to a 8-9 digit UPI number by going into Pay to UPI ID → UPI number. We are working on creating a combined UPI transfer flow so that users can transfer via all modes from one place.
Thanks for the feedback!

Hi Hemanth,
On the UPI number creation discoverability, you should be able to see it directly on Payments Tab, below the transfers section if your UPI number is not created. Will work on improving the discoverability further. Thanks for the feedback!

Didn’t find it there.

Will the option be there if UPI number doesn’t exist to my mobile number at all across all apps or that option will be there if UPI number doesn’t exist for my Jupiter account ?

Because, I had UPI Number in different app first and didn’t find option to set UPI Number in Payments tab in jupiter app.

I want to request the Jupiter team to make possible to transfer the money to Nepal also in international transfers

It should have shown up on the latest version if you did not have UPI number setup. Will look into this. Can you confirm if you are on the latest app version?

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Well, I don’t know if this is just for me and is device specific, but I have added the scan QR shortcut to my lock screen. And that always hangs while I open it, I have to wait for more than 30-40 secs for the camera to actually open to scan a QR.

Ya, I am using the latest app.

I may have missed it. Not exactly sure. It is not a priority for me. You may check on that later.

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I would have prefered custom upi id over upi numbers as they are easier to remember or share in my opinion and Its not like you need to give users full edit access , cred suggested me upi ids related to my name and I chose one of it. Hides my phone number and looks good too.


The scan button lags

@Divyansh_Joshi Here are my observations -

Create your UPI number, check the flow, and let us know how it went.

  1. The process was very smooth.
  2. Considering I had already explored the setting when the pay-to-contact feature thread was released, I did not face an issue in finding the path. Having said that, if there is a possibility to move the position of the Payment Settings tab which houses UPI settings can be moved up, right Account Services, that could help.
  3. While trying to make the payment to the UPI number from an external app - Cred was able to identify it & gave me the option to transfer the money, Paytm was able to identify it but the option to transfer money was not available, Gpay was able to identify it & gave me the

    option to pay.
    On the Jupiter App, the UPI number was not recognized.

Did you face anything during the process? Were you able to understand the flow?

  1. On my first attempt to create the unique number, when it was taken, it took me 2 attempts to get a message which stated that the number was not available. Missed taking a screenshot or a video to document it.
  2. The flow was straightforward.

Try sending it to your friends/family. Was the process smooth?

  1. I have already tried sending money using the pay-to-contact feature as soon as it was released and it detected the correct UPI Id associated with the contact’s phone number.
  2. The name as connected to the UPI handle was correctly displayed and the payment was completed in under 3-5 secs after entering the UPI Pin.

Messages received while sending and receiving - The usual messages when the payment is successful.

Feedback on Design and UI in the app - The overall design & UI is very straightforward. While I completely understand the option to pay using UPI number is housed under Pay to UPI feature, if it can be placed in the money transfer tray itself will reduce the guess work to find this option within the Jupiter App


Every thing is good, but problem is

1 . Loading page time to long.
2 . Not showing who’s number already linked.
3. Payment is smooth.

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UPI Private Number can be of digits 8-9, where as creation is only successful for 9 digits, where as when provided 8 digits. system is showing as “UPI Number Unavailable”. Tried a lot with different combinations…
If you are restricting user to enter 9 digits a must, please update verbiage accordingly.

Also, Jupiter is allowing to create Maximum of 2 private UPI Numbers… Is this expected ?
Can we provide somewhere to user stating maximum of 2 Private UPI Numbers allowed.

Once Private UPI Number is disabled and enabled back, Transfer to UPI Number is failling.
Reference Transaction “Rs 1.00 debited from your A/c using UPI on 20-07-2023 01:03:24 to VPA 9959XXXXX6@jupiteraxis - (UPI Ref No 320170114663)-Federal Bank”

Tested by transferring the sample amount without deleting UPI Private Number via third party app CRED to make transfer using UPI Private Number and it is successful…


Hi Team,

My Observation for Pay To Contact feature of Jupiter:


  1. Neat interface with quick response.
  2. Able to access all the contacts from my phone
  3. Able to send even ₹1 and also decimal values like ₹1.15.
  4. Successful payment page neat and clear message
  5. When selecting a phone number which has no UPI id linked to it, it provides a clear message that there are no UPI id linked to that phone number.


  1. When searching for contact details, instead of showing all the phone numbers in my contact list, why no show only those phone numbers/ contacts which have a bank/ UPI id linked to it. That way an extra page mess of showing that the phone number is not having any UPI linked to it can be avoided.
  2. If the above suggestions is not acceptable, you may add a small icon under the phone numbers which are having UPI linked so that users can instantly know which number to choose to pay.

Thanks and Regards,
Soumya Prakash Rath


1. Create your UPI number, check the flow, and let us know how it went.

  • The process of creating a UPI number on the Jupiter app was very straightforward, and i am glad to know which UPI ID is already linked to my mobile number in that process. :ok_hand:

2. Did you face anything during the process? Were you able to understand the flow?

  • The flow of the process was very clear and easy to follow. The instructions were clear, and I didn’t have any trouble understanding during the process,

3. Try sending it to your friends/family. Was the process smooth?

  • I tried sending to a few of my friends and family members. The process was very smooth. I simply click on Pay to Contact, and all contacts are available there.
  • I want to see which bank account credited while paying to a UPI Number and UPI ID because Paytm already provided that feature. Below Image for Reference-

4. Messages received while sending and receiving.

  • When I sent through the UPI number to my friends, I received a confirmation message from Jupiter in an email and no text message regarding debit transactions while received credit transaction through text message.

5. Feedback on Design and UI in the app.

  • The design and UI of the Jupiter app are very user-friendly