(Completed) Lab test #7 - Revamped Payments tab! 🛠

Hi everyone!

Super excited to bring you the upgraded version of the Payments tab! :partying_face:

Edit: The revamped payments tab is now live for all users! :rocket:

We have been hearing a lot of feedback around the current experience and requests for new payment features from our users. We realised that with the new features like UPI autopay, bill payments and more coming up, we needed an upgraded version of the payments tab to solve for the product discovery, scalability and overall payment experience. Also, we want to make payments more fun while ensuring it is simple, seamless and secured ALWAYS!

This is live on the app for folks who have enrolled for @Jupiterlabs, you should be able to see this from app version 1.6.4 and above. Feel free to reach out to us if you can’t see the new design on your app yet.

While you test it out, would love to know your honest thoughts about these :thinking::

  • Did you like the new experience? What did you like/dislike?
  • Did you feel you found something harder to use than it was before?
  • Did you face any issues that you weren’t facing before?
  • How else can we improve the experience? Let us know your thoughts!

We have a lot of new features in the pipeline that you would be able to see on the new payments tab. Keep an eye out! :wink:

Here is a sneak peak into what you can expect:

Let the testing begin! :sunglasses:


+Bank transfer button opens this screen and get help button doesnt work
+increase sensitivity to the upi id, ifsc and accnt numbers copying (sensitivity on homepage is just fine)

Now the pros:
+Jupiter now looks more professional

  • have everything you need in a payment app in that single tab (liked it more than homepage )


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Loved the new UI
i found a bug i found debit card details in saved payee tab of payments settings and i thought who added debit card in saved payee so i deleted that but now i can’t setup autopay using debit card in app please check

How your account got frozen ???

@Aniket_Nangare Not frozen. Everything works. Just that button “bank transfer” doesnt work…

Had this issue after new payments tab update. Might be a bug or something

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Anybody please confirm this …

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That’s quite a beautiful UX. Love it! The icons look more modern. The trey slide is fluid and fun. Hope to see this design throughout the app!

As for Ashwin’s bug. “Bank transfer” appears to be looking okay to me.

Its good. But I was hoping that you would finally add the option for self transfer. Oh well.

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@Aswin_Benny - Thanks for the feedback.

The frozen account issue is a bug. We are fixing this right now and should be sorted with the next release (next week)

The sensitivity issue is on point. We will fix that also.

Keep sharing these pointers on what we can do better :slight_smile:

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Hey @Aniket_Nangare - Thanks for the feedback.

The DC details being shown as a payee is a bug and should be fixed in next week’s release. Also, autopay for DC can only be set up from the merchant’s website, not from the app. You can still set up autopay using Bank Transfers though.

Do let me know if there is still any doubt. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback, @nateavi :star_struck:

@Avocadorable what if I tell you that self-transfer could be available as early as end of next week? :smiley:

Just crashing few last minute bugs and if all goes well, it will be on the new payments tab with next week’s release :sunglasses:


@Bankofthefuture it would be better to have an option to remove recently payed and add custom ones there…
All the suggestions shown there were actually one time payment that i done while travelling. Would never pay them again.

Would be better if the icons of recently payed is also better than just white buttons with orange border :upside_down_face:


I like it overall. Presents recent transactions upfront. It’s just harder than before to see payees. In the UPI section before I could initiate transactions from my payee list but now it’s the recent transaction. I know I could just type and search but I added them as payees so I don’t have to do that.

I haven’t received this yet I’m on 1.6.6

In the latest update, the option to see UPI transaction history has been buried inside the settings tab. I believe that it should be in the front as it was before. Also, the UPI Saved payees should be present in the payments tab as well and not inside any settings, which just adds a lot of friction to the stuff which is used the most.


Any reward for bill payment in Jupiter? I mean mobikwik,payzapp,cred, Paytm, amazon etc are giving rewards for bill payment. So I believe there should be some incentive else why would anyone use Jupiter for bill payment?


How do you guys take screenshots?


@deepanshuarya we cant take screenshot normally in android but iphone users can take it…

If u really want to then search for ScrCpy.