Need pay via Phone number option for upi just like in other apps

For paying merchants with Jupiter Upi, only scan and pay or Upi I’d seems to be the current option.
Would be great if we could pay using contacts or phone number.

Esp phone number, since we need it to pay merchants!

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Agreed! Paying via contacts is WIP right now.
However, we did bring some new things with regards to payments here - Lab test #7 - Revamped Payments tab! 🛠

  • A revamped tab
  • Self transfer

True… but now, the new payments tab has made me searching for my Payees endlessly… Would love for us to look into it pls… the UPI payees that i could transfer to earlier

Hey @Aarthiem :wave:t3:
We’ve released a search bar to make this easier for you. It’s currently available for Jupiter lab members. Check it out here: Lab test #9 - Introducing Search Bar on Jupiter 🔎

Let us know how you currently search for Payees.

Please provide money pay on mobile no or account no…only scan option available here