Hide Jupiter Balance on Send Money Page

While we send money to a contact or UPI id. At the time when we enter the amount to be debited/transfered it shows balance of our Jupiter account.

I hope this should be hidden as people around us can clearly see it and situation gets awkward.

Instead what can be done us we can add check balance button which asks for UPI pin to see the balance.

That screen does not allows sceenshot else I would have shared a screenshot with markings on it for clear identification.

Am up to help out in any way possible!

Thank You.
Hardik Goyal.

Yeah, this is how it work’s right now. Not an issue for me as I don’t use the payment or banking apps with people around me.

But, I get your point. It’s difficult when you’re at say a hostel or a hotel with friends around you :wink:

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Exactly. Not only in these situations, but in public places too. Coz for everything I pull out my device Open Jupiter and Pay via UPI (Scanning code with Jupiter). I don’t think we go alone anywhere :sweat_smile:. So ya adding friction to see balance would be amazing for Privacy!

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this have to go somewhere else , not on the homepage…

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