Query regarding Jupiter and some suggestion

Hey there I have some queries and 2 suggestions for Jupiter.

Some questions:

  1. Where I can find all my failed transactions or all transactions including failed ones? Earlier I found some options for that but now I can’t seem to find unless I contact support.

  2. How does Jupiter provide direct mutual funds as they are not charging anything separately for it?

And here are some suggestions:

  1. Add option to check the total balance including the fund blocked for IPO or Retail Direct through UPI ASBA. Currently it only shows the Effective Balance (The balance I can spend).

  2. Show the amount in the foreign currency too for international transactions in transaction details. Currently it only shows the amount in INR.
    But you may wonder why would someone need it! Actually some service providers use it as verifying the identity if you get locked out of your account and loose access to the email, thet charge some random amount and ask to provide the value.