Add UPI transaction history for other bank linked to Jupiter

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If I send money to someone’s UPI Id using Jupiter app from my bank account other than Jupiter(Federal) which is linked to Jupiter. Then If I want to view transaction details in future or suppose money deducted but not credited to recipient’s account then how can I lodge complaint?

Kindly add this feature in Jupiter app, so that one can view transaction details for transactions done from other bank account linked in Jupiter
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@Jiten @JupiterTeam @Benny @Bankofthefuture
Kindly work on this.

it is done now in latest release.

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Thank you sir, I updated the Jupiter app and now I can see that this feature has been added.

One more suggestion. Kindly make the transaction line expandable as shown in pic that I have attached with this reply.
Because it contains sender’s UPI ID (If money is credited to my account) and beneficiary UPI Id (If money is debited from my account)

An interesting use case @Mukul_Srivastava. Will let the team know.

I second, third, fourth and fifth this!

Hey @Mukul_Srivastava You can click on the transaction and see all the details.

Exactly what I want, but it’s not working.
Actually, If I send or receive money using Jupiter app then it shows all details of sender and recipient after clicking “More details”. But problem is, If I pay or receive money from Jupiter account using any other UPI app (like GPay, Amazon Pay etc.) then it shows just one line and this line is not expandable and it contains UPI ID of sender /receiver, after clicking “More details” it shows only bank reference number.

Please make this transaction info line fully readable after clicking on it.
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I’ve noticed the same thing.

Since I was an existing Federal customer before onboarding on Jupiter, I can see the detailed Jupiter transactions on Fed mobile.

But for you I’m recommending you to use Fed passbook to see the detailed transactions until they solve it from their end.

Is this the case @Shawnpinto? Jupiter account details are not isolated? Is it accessible via Fed services? :roll_eyes:

Yes, if you had an existing relation with Federal before joining Jupiter.

And you can’t login to Fed NetBanking and Fed mobile if you directly open account with Jupiter.

@Binoy @DEBASISH_SAHU You can view all your Jupiter transactions in Federal bank statement. I raised a request in chat for bank statement, I received Federal bank statement which contains all Jupiter transactions.

How many days does I take to get the statement from the day you raise the request via chat support?

My mother raised a request to get the statement since Last Friday but she hasn’t received it yet.

@Jiten please add an option in the app to get customisable statment

@DEBASISH_SAHU Could you just check if the bank statement email had gone into your spam box?

I raised request on 6th-7th September and received on 13th September. I was told in chat the general timeline is 24-48 hours but due to some issue, delivery of statement was delayed. Statement went straight to spam folder.

@Shawnpinto Please check why official bank statement is going to spam folder.

You are right.
She received it two days ago and It was on the spam folder.

But there should be an option in the app itself to raise a request for statement.

Why don’t Jupiter customer receive monthly statement automatically?

I believe that option will be available when Jupiter statement is ready with Jupiter ui and Jupiter colors and not federal bank statement.