Debit card Issues

Hello guys…I am recently facing an issue with my debit card nowadays.I normally fill my petrol using debit card by either swipe and enter pin or wifi setup…sometimes either one of the method will be failed and i can pay the amount…But recently when i went to a pump,both methods are not working…Is the particular issue happening for me or all of others too? :melting_face:

Don’t know about the Jupiter debit card, but I have personally experienced frequent failures with my SBI debit card at petrol pumps recently. It seems that the POS machines at nearby petrol stations encounter technical issues, particularly during the morning hours (5-8 am). The problem lies with their machines, possibly due to network errors or connectivity issues.

I have tried at two different pumps, but the issue was the same. So, bro, next time its better to check whether other customer’s cards are working or not :rofl:

Noice…this issue makes me a lil disappointed…will have to take our smartphone and pay via upi all time…need to know about @Shawnpinto 's opinion on this

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@iAmAlanSabu you can help us get it checked by raising it with the support team.
Can you raise a ticket on the chat? We’ll take it from there.