Nippon India Small cap mutual fund weekly SIP Required

please initiate Weekly SIP for Nippon India Small Cap Mutual fund…

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Hi Devilal, just checking if you have attempted setting up multiple SIPs for this fund on different dates?

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Send in an idea and make sure you include these components:

  • The idea- of course
  • The problem it solves
  • How do you go about it solving right now?

And no one’s stopping you from speaking your heart out, so if you miss out on a component that’s absolutely fine. Happy posting!

nippon india small cap mutual fund Weekly sip option required

any update?

@Devesh18 as of now you will need set up SIPs on different dates of the month

@yagnesh01 Sir, I think @Devesh18 asking for an option to setup a weekly SIP for that particular fund which may not be currently offered.

Yes, yes. There is isn’t one. The only work around is to schedule SIPs on different dates of the month.

No, I think they vary for each mutual funds.

indmoney offered weekly sip for nippon india small cap… jupiter app still not… please initiate weekly sip.

@Jitender_Singh tagging you to check on this and provide additional insights.

@Devesh18 Here is an update on the feature that you were requesting -

It will be launched shortly after it is tested internally.

app update received… but nippon india small cap weekly sip option not available…

@Devesh18 Maybe it’s not live yet.
As I can see it is mentioned as “Coming soon”. You can expect it in the coming days :+1:

I want it for the quant small cap fund

@alec Let’s wait for the mutual fund product updates to roll out. I am sure most of the funds would get covered.

Hi folks,
We have just gone live with the Daily/Weekly SIP collection. You can see the top 10 funds, sorted based on 3-year returns, in which you can set daily/weekly SIPs.
Now choose your favourite day of the week and start weekly SIP. You don’t have to set 4 monthly SIPs of different dates to invest every week.

Here is the link

Please do share feedback.


not showing for Nippon India Small Cap fund… please check…

I think this is the sole reason for not showing for Nippon India Small Cap fund on the Daily/Weekly SIP. (You can see the Nippon India Multi-Cap fund there.)

But I hope the same could be seen on the app when the investment team increases the number of top-performing funds say 20 or 30.

still not updated for nippon india small cap

Bro, it’s jupiter. Don’t you know jupiter is too far. It takes a lot of time to send a feedback to the Jupiter.