Jupiter Mutual Fund Investment Experience

So I am trying to make the switch from Paytm Money for my Mutual Fund Investments. I think the interface is becoming more and more cluttered. And the initial promotional pop-up is a big distraction.

I was thinking of moving to Zerodha Coin or Kuvera.

But just because I use Jupiter everyday and because there would be ease of setting up the SIPs as the bank and the mutual fund platform are the same here, I invested through Jupiter today.

The no penalties for missed SIPs is an awesome feature too.

And I must say that the experience was seamless.

In Paytm Money, I had to do app switching to Paytm for the UPI payment. Jupiter just asked for the OTP (which was automatically read) and the PIN (which I had to enter).

Also the interface and animations are great. Colourful !!!

Then when the transfer was made, I got an SMS from KFinTech. I can’t say how much useful this is. This is a great feature. I love it.

I am not sure if this is a Jupiter thing or not. But I never got confirmation SMS through Paytm Money. I was in the dark till I got the confirmation email. Maybe they have a different platform or something.

So far so good… I love investing through Jupiter. I hope Jupiter actually becomes the 1-app for everything money ASAP.

Please let me know your experience investing in mutual funds. Let me know if you have any recommendations as well.


All my new SIPs have been initiated on Jupiter. The convenience of having everything under one roof makes the experience very very seamless.

The only difference in experience is I do not receive any communication from KFinTech when the units are allocated. I receive a that confirmation email from Jupiter itself


Thanks for sharing this, Alex. There are so many hidden items too. Listing them so you can try them on Jupiter & compare with other platforms.

  1. Same-day NAV: while this does not influence your choice of MF, only on Jupiter you get same-day-NAV if orders are placed before 2 p.m. At Jupiter, money goes directly from your bank to the MF’s (AMC) bank account, instead of going through a Payment gateway which is the case with most other platforms.
  2. The SIP feature is power-packed: Along with no penalty, you can pause, cancel or modify before midnight of the previous day. On other platforms, it takes 3-4 working days. On a personal note, I’ve always found this quite frustrating.
  3. You have flexibility on Pause too: until end-of-month, a couple of weeks or a custom date range too. Haven’t seen this on any platform. Think of it like a SIP holiday on the days you want to take a holiday :slight_smile:
  4. Daily/ Weekly SIPs on funds that don’t have daily/weekly facilities built. Daily SIP coupled with No-penalty on missed/low balance is also something our customers love

I also tried Zerodha Coin today. Just to compare the experience.

It wasn’t as good as Jupiter (or I did something wrong). It has a few more steps and I had to switch apps for the payment.

And the SIP page is complex and so I didn’t use it. I went for the lumpsum.

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@Prithvi_Tejavath Doesn’t Coin also offer the same? Do you mean that we may not get the same day NAV even if I do a UPI transaction before 2PM?

Again I think Coin let’s you pause SIP if you go through Coin as against AMC Route. I think you can pause till before 1 day.

“Zerodha SIP orders should be paused or resumed before the cut-off time, i.e., T-1 day before 5:30 PM for it to be effective for the current month.”

These are definitely cool… :sunglasses:

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I had invested Rs.5000 in Quant Small Cap fund. The investment was not made and Rs.5000 was returned to my account.

I had made similar investments on the same day in 2 other funds and those were successful.

While I am happy that the money was returned to my account without any fuss, I am curious why this would happen?

@Prithvi_Tejavath can you please help me with this? I would like to understand possible reasons so that this doesn’t happen in the future. Thanks!