Mutual Funds: Which App & Why?

Hey guys,
I got placed a few months back and have some savings just lying around in the bank.
I am thinking of investing into mutual funds and would appreciate if you guys could guide me by which app do you use for your mutual funds investments and why cus there are just too many of them :stuck_out_tongue:


I personally use GoalWise, they have excellent customer service. you can ask any personal finance question and you will get a proper reply for your queries. Their monetization was by selling regular plans, but now they sell direct plans and has moved to paid financial planning.

I use Coin, Zerodha’s tool. It’s been good so far. I was able to buy direct mutual funds without any hiccups.

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But the problem is you cannot auto pay for sip using bank. You need to add funds to your zerodha account every month. In groww sip automatically debits from your bank account so yes i use Groww :smiley:

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I use ET money and payTm money. Both seem to be good and both have direct plans. Although, as of now ET money has more number of plans when compared to paytm.

Just wondering why does it matter to have more number of plans… In my view, most plan in same category have almost similar returns esp large cap ones.


Mycams and Kfintech (both are run by RTA agent Cams and Karvy easy to use and withdraw sip is easy just after subscriptions the give you 15 digit code add it biller section on internet banking and select auto pay it will deduct sip automatically and remind you about you balance 10 day before if you don’t have sufficient balance
Other is zerodha coins but again manually do everything

Would be helpful to understand the rationale of leaving certain schemes out?
Considering most of these players operate as a market place why would they want user choice to be stifled?

I used to invest directly but when Zerodha made coin free to use I shifted to it. It’s like better to keep everything in one place no? Instead of having multiple websites to remember your username and password for :stuck_out_tongue:


Any app or service that offers Regular plans, should be avoided. Among the rest, pick any of these you’d like and try it out. If you don’t like it, you can move your portfolio to another one and try again.

My personal take on any of these new platforms (Kuvera / Groww / PayTM Money / ClearFunds / Coin / Sqrl / Piggy / Goalwise) is that these aren’t even scratching the surface, and have a long way to go. In coming years, all these would evolve, or some totally new player would come and uproot them.

I am a fan of Kuvera!
@Neil I too switched from Paytm :stuck_out_tongue:

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What made you switch @Dev?

UI, simplicity, speed

It takes around 4 clicks just to view your portfolio in paytm money just a single click for kuvera , more than 5 click to sell your units in paytm money where just a few clicks on kuvera not considering speed but kuvera is way faster to load rather than paytm

Paytm does not offer switch option and STP option which kuvera has Paytm does not have desktop portfolio (as of now will soon be available) MF payments gets processed faster on kuvera in my experience If you have external regular Mf transactions kuvera offers the best UI and features to import them You can also download your capital gains statement across all funds within few clicks in kuvera , paytm doest offer this yet.

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