Mutual Fund Platform of Choice

I invest in mutual funds through Paytm Money and I am recently thinking of moving to Zerodha Coin or Kuvera.

While researching, I read this article today and was surprised to know that Zerodha Coin is the leader in AUM.
Mutual Fund Platforms

What is your Mutual Fund platform of choice?

  • Jupiter
  • Zerodha Coin
  • Kuvera
  • Groww
  • Paytm Money
  • AMC website (Eg.
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Hands down Groww is the best. Just have a look at their UI.


Groww has the best UI :zap:


I already have ongoing investments via Fundzbazar and started additional SIPs on Jupiter. I use Groww and Zerodha for small case investments.

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@yagnesh01 please tell me something.

Aren’t you bothered that your investments are scattered across places.

I do understand you can gather and analyse all mutual fund investments easily using apps like Kuvera and IND Money.

But still I am bothered and want fewer apps to manage. Makes my life easier.

So I can use your advice on this.

In fact this is the reason I am resisting investing through Jupiter even though I like the interface and the ease with which SIPs can be executed and managed (as the bank and the mutual fund platform are the same).

Groww :slight_smile:


@alexnazy well for me, I started my MF investment journey with Fundzbazar. Initially it was offline by way of filling up forms and then they upped their game by allowing to start and stop SIPs on their app. Hence, I did not want to disturb that.

Considering a chunk of my investment are on Fundzbazar, the value of investments on Smallcase and Jupiter is not that high. Having said that said, all new SIPs are now going through Jupiter for the obvious ease of setting it up. Accounts with Kite and Groww are only used for SmallCase investments and for me the source of truth remains SmallCase.

My joint investments with my wife are on Paytm money. This is to ensure there is never a confusion or overlap.

I have an old school approach towards tracking investments- meaning I keep the platforms separate even though the option is available for all investments to be under one roof. Until a few years I would write the quarterly progress in a diary (my wife still does that). Now, I have upgraded to an excel sheet.

Hence, having multiple apps as such is not that much of a bother for me, the count of apps is very low.


@yagnesh01 Thank you very much for that. I appreciate it. :thumbs_up: :thumbs_up: