Monthly summary of Jupiter account on WhatsApp

Hey guys, let me know your thoughts on this.

Which of the following details related to Jupiter account you would like to receive on WhatsApp at the end of the month? (You can vote multiple times)

  • Interest earned (during the month)
  • Rewards earned (during the month)
  • Money in and money out
  • Latest balance
  • None! I don’t like business on WhatsApp

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Just a suggestion, it would be great if users can control what they receive on WhatsApp. For example, some users can only toggle debit alerts, or some can toggle on a monthy summary pdf etc right from the app notification section.


Really cool idea. Oh and spoiler - That’s the next level. Will come in the future :slight_smile:

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Really excited to that feature. SMS were extinct a long time and we needed a substitute.