Is WhatsApp integration live?

Is whatsapp integration live? How can I opt-in for it? @Shawnpinto

I’m yet to get a single text from Jupiter in my WhatsApp. And yep, it’s my registered number.


It is live! We currently use the WhatsApp platform for sending reminders/nudges.

Also, this is in the pipeline - Get the Account balance/rewards earned at the end of the month.
Can you let us know what other details you’d like to see? Check this out too - Monthly summary of Jupiter account on WhatsApp


Voted already. :v:

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Got the first WhatsApp message today. A promo message though :yum:

Yep. Just got my first WhatsApp text from Jupiter, in several months. And that too a promo lol

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Hopefully, as they fine tune, less promotional messages and more contextually relevant notifications surface!

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That was our first message!
It was a simple text with 1 link.

We’re exploring these formats too. For example, Flipkart does this.

You can interact with the message. They have a list of items that you can select and respond to accordingly.

We could do something similar. Like view, your balance, show top spends, etc.
What do you think? :space_reading:


BSES does kinda similar :sweat_smile:

This is cool.
If i intend to use this feature on WhatsApp, i suppose the primary goal is monthly insights, and high spend alerts. We could also add a safekey (OTP sorta mechanism) for high value transactions, sorta like how 2 factor auth works. This being optional, of course.

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Woah! Like WhatsApp banking in bob, au small finance? Kind of

  1. Checking balance,
  2. Request e-statement on mobile no. or emali 3. Request chequebook and debit card,
  3. Help support,
  4. Monthly insights or updates etc?

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Interesting, so you can have options under the main selection.
Thanks for sharing!

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How to opt in?

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@SHEIKH_AZHARUDDIN This isn’t a lab test. It’s something we send our users via WhatsApp.
You must have received our previous message. We’re testing out different formats :slight_smile:

Hello Shawn,

I checked my WhatsApp but I didn’t receive anything from Jupiter in the past or present

Oh okay. No worries. Let me share what was sent to some users.

So this post has 1 text body and 1 CTA.
We’re planning to have some sorts of a menu and listing options. Users can interact with the message.

Check this: Is WhatsApp integration live? - #8 by Shawnpinto

What kind of options would you like to have if this message was interactive? (See bank balance, insights, top spends, etc).
@nateavi shared some good options to consider. :blob_thanks:


While you’re at it, introduce an Alexa skill too :wink:

@Shawnpinto i havent seen qny really interactive buttons in whatsapp. But i hae telegram doing such things with ease… On clicking start many button menus appear on clicking each would give submenus etc…

I liked the captions of the message :joy:

Telegram options are nice, yep.
But almost everyone uses WhatsApp more these days so, it’s better to send our comms there :blob_worried:

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@Shawnpinto yes. Everyone uses whatsapp :smiling_face_with_tear:.

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I like Telegram more than WhatsApp, the only reason I tend to use WhatsApp is that everyone is too bothered to shift to a better alternative