Integrating Whatsapp with digital banking

What if we integrate whatsapp with the digital banking…
:arrow_right:Like to check our balance we just send a message on whatsapp
:arrow_right:We get the messages of all the transactions on whatsapp also.
:arrow_right:We can block or unblock our debit card just by sending a message.
:arrow_right:Everyday we get a report of our account on whatsapp only…

And there ane many more things which can be done…

So pls. Give this feature a thought…

Thank you

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I think this feature is already lived by Federal Bank!

Source : Federal Bank Ltd

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ICICI Bank has this feature. Its another matter that it doesn’t work :rofl:

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We’re working on something similar!
Do give your vote here. It might come true :slight_smile:

If you guys seen/used WhatsApp integration with banks before, do share your experience.

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I have used WhatsApp Banking. I think the current banks just translate the SMS Banking to WhatsApp instead of exploring the new opportunities and they also stagnate once it’s implemented and don’t improve it - the same interface after months of use.

One exception is Finin. They have live customer support using WhatsApp. It helps to see the message is delivered, read, etc. Basically a familiar interface with WhatsApp.

Jupiter can explore how to do new age WhatsApp banking. I think there is potential for something great - interactive and fun (Eg… Pictures instead of plain text like in SMS).


Ya but that is so much limited…