(Completed) Lab test #2 - Home page “Do more with Jupiter” revamp 🏠

Hey @CarolinMerces @vinayakjjw Are you able to see it now? :blob_think:

@Ankit_Misra , unsure if this is your dept, but I really hate auto tagging. With a passion.

Despite repeat transactions from the same merchant over a dozen, auto tag is still a hit or miss.

For example, I purchase stuff from a pharmacist almost every week. The QR scanner is of a PhonePe ID. I’ve done at least a dozen transactions of varying amounts till now with the same guy, and keep manually tagging it as “health”.

Yet if I still make payments, auto tag never switches it to health. I gotta manually tag it from whatever that auto tag went with (which usually is wrong).

TLDR; auto tagging of transactions is a hit or a miss. Needs to be fixed


No I can’t see

Aah yes, i see it now. Turns out i saw it in the first go itself.

I don’t really have any opinion on the redesign. It’s not useful for me. I have a very clear purpose for Jupiter.

TBH I didn’t even realise what were the changes.

But in general overall UI of Jupiter feels good.


If i link my other accounts using Finvu can i tag my transactions from those accounts as well?

Now that’s a feature that might be able to get me to add myother accounts to Jupiter

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The redesign itself is looking great. I do have some other comments about the Home Page though:

  • Rewards should be moved from the top right corner to somewhere more visible or more obvious. Maybe a tab or a button on the tool bar. It would help with the “Rewards” label.
  • I think a section in the home screen dedicated to current Card or UPI offers would also be nice.
  • For longer time users, I think I’d like to have the quick insights card from “Money” tab on my home page.

The rest are not really required but would be nice to be considered:

  • “Refer & Earn” being present in the little toolbar (next to “Portfolio”) and “Discover More” feels redundant. Maybe hide one when the other is present?
  • I also think that either the tool bar or the tab bar has to go. It has to be one or the other in the home page. One potential option is for the tool bar to transition into a tab bar when switching views or for the home to be a completely separate view.
  • Pay option in the home toolbar.

+1 for the visibility of the rewards on home page :thumbs_up:
Not many know that the J icon with borders is actually rewards. It’s more like you need to click to find out what it is. A label/text might help, yeah.


+1 for better visibility of rewards points / jewels.

We need a better name for that hub. Maybe gift centre for all those gift cards n coupons or something more creative?

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@Mufeed_Ali , thanks for sharing this. Very valid points, and happy to see it. Almost all pointers are in strong consideration.

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@nateavi - Hey, I will make sure this input reaches the right Product person. Thanks for sharing!

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I love the round recs ! Like the design over all, more pleasing to the eye and the card suggestions seem more unselfish than before.

I was wondering if my accounts aren’t supported by account aggregator, then there should be an easy way for me to check my balances via the old upi way as well ? Right now I have to go deep into the app to find it.


Hi, I’m getting ‘Complete video verification’ for pro salary account on top of the app’s homescreen under greetings.

Hey! @BeingIncog That shouldn’t happen. You’ve already completed your VKYC.
We’ll look into this.

Let us know if it’s still the same/anything had changed.

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Yes, I’ve already completed my VKYC.
It’s still the same till now.

Gone for now. Maybe around 12 AM.

How about now @BeingIncog @Sukesh_Pabba ? :blob_think:
We’ve deployed a fix for the KYC nudge last night.

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That’s fixed now. Thanks


Themksh, fixed for now.


The Home Page is really Good now…but there is continue to pro tag near my name along with savings tag…:eyes:

Also try to improve animations between each tabs like home, transfer, money etc, they are really jerky…:-1:


App updated? Tagging @Shawnpinto Sur.

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There was a recent app update, yes.

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