(Ongoing) Lab test #12 - Search bar on Home Page 🔎

Hi Lab testers! :wave:

Thank you for sharing your invaluable feedback for the Search bar on the Payments tab. Your feedback has encouraged us to improve the existing feature as well as bring the Search bar to the Jupiter App Home Page with a larger scope.

How to use it?

This is live on the Home Page of the Jupiter App for folks who had enrolled for @Jupiterlabs Please make sure to update the app to the latest version to try it out.

What to expect from the Search bar on Homepage?

  • Quick access to any product feature, money insights or information on the Jupiter App
  • From creating pots, making payments to checking your account details, information regarding your bills, balances, etc you can try asking questions related to any product feature on Jupiter App.
  • Ask any other Jupiter related questions!

Hope you have fun trying it out! While you do that we’d love to receive your honest feedback on:

  1. What did you like / dislike about the new experience?
  2. Any issues that you faced while using it on the app?
  3. Any other suggestions to improve the experience?

Best reviews get 🎁

We would like to reward Jupiter lab testers for their hard work. We like to shape the product with our Community folks.

The data science team will pick 5 value adding reviews in the comment section below. The 5 reviewers will be rewarded with 200j each.


  • You will need to be part of the Jupiter labs group in the Community.
  • Your review should be in the comments below.

Test duration

  • Users registered for Jupiter labs on or before March 28th, 2023, will be eligible to test.
  • The team will announce the results of chosen reviews on April 30th, 2023

This is an AI based feature and hence with time we’d expect it to learn with data and get better at solving your queries and requests. We’d keep an eye on your feedback.

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Happy testing! :test_tube:


1) Words are slightly not fitting well in Search Bar.

When we type something in search Bar, that time sentences or Words are not fitting well in search bar. They slightly going up. And upper side of words getting Cut. Upper part of words slightly getting hide.

  1. When we search about FD, we don’t get results about FD.

  2. also not showing result for “wallet, finance, Fuel Medical spend category” (there will many more categories for which are not showing result)

  3. Tag searches also not showing result.

  4. there should be also show “raise ticket” result , when user search “Help” (for searching “support” its showing ‘raise ticket’)
    Lab test #12 - Search bar on Home Page 🔎 - #13 by Omkar18

  5. Banks Statement results should be also show when we search “Statement”. (Need to search “Bank Statement”)- this is too much word specific result.

  6. Lab test #12 - Search bar on Home Page 🔎 - #3 by AdilAhmed

If Jupiter thinking to remove search bar then my Suggestion - Rather than Search Window Create a Small “Spaceman” Bot, that will be look cool. (Try to createFloating Bot )

  1. Lab test #12 - Search bar on Home Page 🔎 - #7 by Omkar18

  2. In search Bar that automatically giving “Search suggestions” that is really cool & helpful-
    ● because of this we can easily find what should write in search box to get results.
    ● we get know about jupiters varies feature & also Get know that what we can do with jupiter.


I don’t understand the whole point of serch bar in home page it is perfect in the payment option i think not introducing search bar on homepage would be great cause it’s making the ui a little overcrowded


also the embedded video about mutual funds it’s also making the ui worse. I have never seen a banking app with embedded video in it.


Some transaction names are too long and extend beyond the borders.

I think a similar issue is with search bar in payments tab.
It could be due to my small phone having a small screensize.


Lab test #12 - Search bar on Home Page 🔎 - #6 by Abhishek_Ulayil

I am also facing this issue…I also came to add this. But your comment was already posted. So its bug.

When Merchent or transaction details are long, amount is gooing outside of Border.
For small transaction detail, don’t have problem.


This is all space occupying and making the home page more cluttered.
Having search icon beside Earn Jewels option would be more clutter free.
Please keep the homepage simpler and compact.


I also like his suggestion only for search icon .

Big searching tab in top not looking good, make it small icon like help icon in front of earn button


1. Add recent search history


Adjust the text size

3 .

Please show all transactions By this name


Please show all transactions by upi id , also there was add beneficiary and send to this UPI option.


Please set search bar in middle like Fi , so everyone can easily access search with one hand


@Omkar18 Thanks a ton for the prompt feedback!

  1. Noted, we’ll try to improve the UI experience here.
  2. Queries related to FD are currently not in scope. We are working on addressing them in the future releases.
  3. Noted, we’d work on improving the solution for this.
  4. This is again currently not included in the scope but we’ll definitely add this to our wishlist.
  5. Just to confirm, is “Help” your text query ? and the expected response is “raise ticket”? If yes, could you please try it again as it seems like it returns the same response.
  6. Noted.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll convey the feedback to our design team.
  1. Yeah it showing. Actually it was not showing to me that time because-

1st I searched “support” got result “Raise Ticket”.

After that I cleared “Support” word from search bar. So, “NO RESULT FOUND” page come. Now without pressing back button I searched for “Help” page doesn’t change it remains same “NO RESULT FOUND”

It my be because, Both commands (words) giving same Result. Thats why Changing of current page restricted by developers. Thats why page doesn’t change from “RESULT NOT SHOWING” to “RAISE TICKET”.

Due to this I seemed, for “HELP” it doesn’t showing any result.

  1. When i search for “Send to Satyajit” result comes with bank which was already deleted from payee and when i click on it showing “Oops ! Something snapped!”

  2. When i click on Search results for “Sell Gold”, it’s taking me to Create a Superpot

  3. Search Bar position should be under the Balance tab. It looks great :arrow_heading_down:

  4. Animation of text in the search bar should be 3x like below :arrow_heading_down:


@AdilAhmed Thanks for the feedback! We’d convey the same to the design team regarding UI experience. Do you also have any feedback on the functionality itself?


@Pratyay_Mustafi Thanks for the feedback! We’ll convey the same to the concerned teams.

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Thanks a lot @Abhishek_Ulayil for your feedback! This is a known issue and we’d try to improve the UI experience for the same in subsequent updates.


@specter and @sani Thank you so much for sharing the feedback! We’d pass it on to our design team and try to improve the experience.


@sani Thanks a lot for trying it out and for the valuable feedback. We’d try to improve the experience in future releases.

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I agree here. Search bar on home page doesnt look good at all… Small icon make sense on top or bottom bar


@specter Just looked into your suggestion. Got same thought. We just need search icon if at all required.


Thanks for the feedback @Satyajit_Singh

  1. We’ll look into this.
  2. Could you please try the same query now.