Universal Search on Jupiter

Is there an universal search feature planned in the Jupiter app?

I understand there was a lab test for a search bar - (Completed) Lab test #9 - Introducing Search Bar on Jupiter 🔎.

But I am not able to find the search in the app as of now. So I guess that this might be still in the works.

Any scoop on this would be appreciated. Thanks!

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It doesn’t show on my app… :cry:

Make ensure u had latest version. Still it doesn’t show up, @Shawnpinto will look into this.

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App version is 2.2.3

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Please check once you get the update for version 2.2.4. If you continue to face the issue and raise a ticket with the support team. This will ensure a ticket is assigned to your issue and tracked to closure

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Can someone help me understand the app update roll out. As I update my apps on a daily basis and I haven’t received the update yet, I am thinking that the rollout is a phased one. @Shawnpinto can you please confirm. Thanks!

Wait, version 2.2.4 released?

That’s the version I have. And I should I have mentioned I am a iOS user

Oh OK. That explains it. I am on Android. Maybe 2.2.4 is not released for Android yet.

Thanks for that information.

I remember it was release quite some time ago, but it’s still not available to me either. :blob_huh:


@Shawnpinto I have got the Jupiter app update for 2.2.5 on my Android phone. But still no search. :pleading_face:

Can you please help me understand this? Are there more than one app version being circulated. Or has Android app not got the search feature?

I have also updated to 2.2.5 (Android), universal search option is visible in my app.

I am baffled now… :confused:

Did you register for the Jupiter lab test? If yes, is that email (email used for this community) and the Jupiter account linked email same?
I think saurabh faced some issues due to multiple email ids.

From the roadmap, I can see that the feature has already been shipped. So, I’m curious why it’s not yet available to us. :blob_think:

That is exactly why these issues need to be reported to the support team. All of the tickets will ensure deployment logs are reviewed and bugs preventing the features not getting through everyone are addressed

But this is confusing for me. I am no developer… But I haven’t come across something like this in other apps. The released app should look the same for all of us. If it doesn’t then the apps must be different (as far as I understand).

@razack You are right. I have different email addresses for the Jupiter community and the Jupiter account. I have made it the same now. Hoping I’ll get the search bar…

Funny… I am searching for the search bar. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’ve reached out the customer support regarding this, and they consistently stated that it has been removed in the latest version.

@here Could you guys please confirm this information?

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