Universal Search on Jupiter

It’s there. @saurabh.s

Thanks for this information. :slight_smile:

It is there in version 2.2.5 (Android)

Hi everyone,

Firstly, apologies for delayed response here. Currently search is available for limited set of users and not everyone. Having said above, we always launch any products / features for our labs and community users first. If you aren’t seeing it, we would add you to the beta set. [@Shawnpinto will reach out to you for details]

Why still limited launch? - We have taken a slightly approach when building this universal search. Instead of a catalogue search, we want to build it conversational way where it understands more context from the query say around making a payment, search a transaction or spend analyser and taking it AI way requires multiple iterations and hence we slowly ramp up the feature to more features and work on product feedback on the way.

Having said this, we are working towards making this available for everyone soon.


@Chinmay_Jain Thanks for the information.

Conversational search sounds interesting. Looking forward to try it ASAP.

@Chinmay_Jain I am curious… are you guys doing A/B Testing with search and other features?

Do you control all this from the backend?

I am glad to see all this from an Indian Fintech company.

Same here

Hi @alexnazy Good to see the curiosity.
Yes, this is one area where we chose to invest wisely since the beginning. We try to A/B test on most of our features, and also control it from backend as much as possible.

Here’s the system we have built in-house for your smart selection of audiences:


Thanks @Chinmay_Jain for the explanation. I appreciate it… :slight_smile:

So happy to see a banking entity with a strong Data Science background. :smiley:

Customer Obsession, Audience Manager, 340 Features Per User, 450 Cohorts, Operational Excellence… Fascinating!

I learnt a new word - Idempotent: a property of some operations such that no matter how many times you execute them, you achieve the same result. :wink:

Interesting article. Thanks again for sharing @Chinmay_Jain.


Yay! I got the search bar in the Jupiter app. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How did you get it? I am on the last version yet i haven’t been able to get it.

Not sure how I got it. Sorry! :grimacing: