Home ui frustrating to check Jupiter balance

Whenever I open Jupiter there is always loan I don’t want that i simply want to check total amount I have in my Jupiter account and if I needed a loan I will check my self , because of that i don’t open Jupiter app for scan to pay or any other payment , better to use Google pay so much mess .

Hai @Axon Welcome to the community.
Is that an iOS Device? If so, kindly update the app to the latest version. :v:t2:
Earlier I too had faced the same issue, but it got solved after updating the app.
Even after the update, if it’s not solved, Kindly reply to this thread

No I have Android device and app is updated to latest version .still shows the same

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@safwan.ahmed @Bhoomika_Gowda
Hope the team connects with you soon :+1:t2: