How often do you split bills? 🧾

Hello friends,

Last week, some of our team members were discussing about a bill splitting feature on Jupiter :grin:

This brings rise to our - Splitting bills on Jupiter 🧾 topic. This was sometime in April '22!


We had an initial discussion on how users can split their bills on Jupiter and thought about a few use cases in the process.

We discussed:

  1. Flow and navigation
  2. What if the user was not on Jupiter?
  3. How do we send the request for splitting the bill?
  4. How do other apps do it?

Thanks to @nateavi @Aswin_Benny @Swagat_Panda @Binoy @abraz @nishesh @arvind @Divyaansh_Agarwal @vinayakjjw who helped us with the initial thoughts :brain:

Now that we’re picking it up, we need better understanding from the Community members. Here are some polls for you:

How many times do you split your bills in a month?
  • Less than 5 times.
  • 5-10 times
  • 10-20 times
  • I can’t count!

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No. of people you split it with?
  • 1-2
  • 3-5
  • 5+

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Do you split it equally or with custom amounts?
  • I split it equally
  • I do it with custom amounts

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More ideas the better!

Have a great week folks~


Hey @Shawnpinto , to list out the use cases :

  1. Splitting bills feature is very helpful, especially while hanging out with friends on weekends or going on trips ( maybe annually ). Also it’s pretty useful while sharing a rented accommodation, and splitting utility bills monthly or so.

  2. Splitwise is the go to app for me, for now. Its interface is simple and it provides all the flexibility of creating groups for adding specific expenses and splitting it in required proportion.

  3. I believe the normal group size may vary based on situation, for hanging out on weekends it may be as many as 10-15 friends. For trips it may be below 10. For sharing utility bills, it may be below 5. ( I don’t have a very big friend circle. ) :sweat_smile:

  4. More often than not, the bill is split unequally and this flexibility is crucial for most scenarios. Also a consolidated statement of all expenses in the group for each member makes it so easy to settle the accounts.

  5. The most important issue to solve here is to share the final bill / statement with friends at the end of the month, especially if they ar not on this app. I feel we need the flexibility of creating an pseudo profile for them in the group only for settling the bills ( even if they ave not joined the app ), and be able to share the overall bill at the end of the month via sms / email / WhatsApp ( most preferred ) . ( In jpeg format / text will be preferable ) .

Also there’s the obvious feature request of being able to create groups for different expenses and being able to add a person to multiple groups.

The final monthly statement indicating the final amount you owe / to receive can be a total of all balances across groups.

Although being able to attach a copy of the bill, maybe in jpg / pdf format only for important purchases can be a good feature. Storing it for 2 months post generation can be helpful followed by auto-deletion unless selected otherwise. But this is not the most essential feature as of now.

Looking forward to this feature. !!! :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

Bro first of all I have to change my email ID please bring that features

I use the bill split feature every week with my wife and twice a month with my friends.

the count of people varies from 1 to 4. I use Paytm bill split feature.

My friends use Gpay’s bill split feature. While the apps split the bill equally manual adjustments are made.

Considering this feature is being used from within the Jupiter app, typing the UPI IDs will be tedious. Need an option like Freecharge that let’s you enter the mobile number and shows which apps is the number associated with and let’s you pick it.

In my opinion, this is not an essential feature & will only make app cluttered.
Better to focus on basic banking features.


Ya, agreed

True, we need basic features first. Like UPI AUTOPAY. When will international transactions start?

Thanks for sharing such detailed experiences @Swagat_Panda @yagnesh01 :grin:
This helps.

@here I agree with the basic features that is missing and yet to be on Jupiter. These are work in progress and it does take time to implement since multiple stakeholders are involved. Third parties like banks, legal for example.

In parallel, these features are built by different teams and hence its possible for us to ship these out earlier than others.

Also, added a poll in the main post above to share your usage of splitting bills.


I love the idea. It’s very neat and useful.

I usually split bills via Paytm, pretty old school because I don’t wanna bother learning a new app, and force others to install it just so I can split bills


If we can figure out a way to keep it super simple, efficient, and not have other install Jupiter just to split bills, that’d be super awesome


Definitely :space_thumb:
The more features we add, it shouldn’t feel heavier.


One more useful feature could be that the user can split the bill in various payment modes.
Instead of being completely UPI based, there could be inclusion for other payment methods like NEFT,IMPS which can be added by selecting an inbound bank transaction of that amount or a dummy option to mark the split was paid in cash or was adjusted in some other way.


That’s a dope idea. People need the choice to select whicher payment method they’d like. UPI can be preferred, but debit n credit should be optional too.


I agree. Splitting bills with non jupiter users will really nice. Usually i pay the whole money and let my friends pay me back afterwards. (Most of them dont have PAN card so have to wait till their parents sent me money :melting_face:)


initial thoughts shoutout? when? how? what? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

Exited that this being worked on ! Currently we use Splitwise ( works well, across currencies and countries). However, I think on Android you have the option from the app (not sure), but since I use iOS, I use jupiter upi to see the amount I owe and then pay the person.

@nateavi i agree, if everyone doesn’t have to install jupiter would be awesome.

Although in the U.K. one the major reason people use Monzo over other neo banks ( at least in my group) is because you can easily spilt bills amongst Monzo users.


As you know, many people frequently share expenses with others, whether it’s rent with roommates, groceries with family members, or travel expenses with friends. While there are several mobile apps available to help manage shared bills and expenses, many users still find the process of splitting expenses to be time-consuming and cumbersome.

That’s where the idea of integrating expense-splitting and group bill management features into Jupiter money app comes in. By incorporating a similar feature set to that offered by splitwise, Jupiter Money could provide users with a seamless and convenient way to manage shared expenses and simplify the process of splitting bills with others.

With this feature users could create groups for different types of expenses, add expenses and specify who paid for what (pre-approved beneficiaries), and the app will automatically calculate who owes what to whom. Additionally, users could send payment reminders to other group members and settle debts directly through the app.

This would be a great value-add to the Jupiter Money app, complimenting the existing features and providing users with an all-in-one solution for managing their shared bills and expenses. Additionally could also consider group saving pots within the group. for example:- Goa