Splitting bills on Jupiter 🧾

Splitting bills is a handy way for everyone to pay for their share in a few clicks. We’d like to pick this up for the Q3!

Here’s how it could work: (Just a thought :thinking:)

  1. For accessibility, we could show a split bill card on the ‘Money’ tab or on the transaction details screen when you click on a particular transaction that needs to be split.

  2. Once you click on it, it could possibly show 3 things - No. of people for splitting, choose people from contacts and the amount.

  3. The amount could change when we + or - contacts just for us to see. (I guess we don’t have to pop out our calculators for this! :mag:)

  4. Once we have the contacts for selection, you would be able to generate a payment request for them. :calling:

  5. They would get a notification and see a request on the Home page. :bell:

Possible add ons:

  1. The user who has requested the split can see the status of the pending and cleared payments. Something like a checkbox or progress bar.

  2. Give a time limit (Or is it too extreme?) :thinking:

  3. Show a unique symbol/tag for those transactions that had been split.

So what do you think about splitting bills? Have you used this feature on other apps? If you have, let us know your thoughts so that we can improve your experience!



Sure is a much needed feature. What about non-Jupiter users tho? How would we split with them? :thinking:

Maybe we can find a way to add in their upi IDs and send them a request- akin to requesting money the normal route. Except, in our app, it shows up as a bill split, but to them it looks like we requesting cash.

The notion is to never leave the bill split tab, for splitting with non-Jupiter users.

And yep, I like the idea of a timer. But it shouldn’t be err…… too short. Sometimes we do tend to get busy enough to ignore our phone chimes. :smile:


For the non Jupiter users, possible to share a QR code maybe? The QR code will be generated and unique to that particular transaction.

Once you generate this, just like how we share our self QR code, we could share this on WhatsApp or other platforms. They’ll be able to scan it from their gallery and make the payment. Hmm… :thinking:

But I feel this is a lengthy process.


Too long lol. But it’s workable, for sure.
Is there a way Jupiter can send a secure sms/iMessage to that phone number instead? One off transaction solely for the bill split?

I’m still leaning on the upi-request money route. Just a tad hazy about how we execute it.


Or it could be something like how the referral messages go out.
If the contact does not have a Jupiter account, the requestor can type in a custom amount for that person and send a pre entered text. You can copy this text and share it on other platforms.

The text will include:

  1. Hey ‘x’, here’s your share of the bill, thanks, etc.
  2. The amount
  3. The name of the person
  4. Bill details

The user will see this message and make the payment on other apps accordingly.


Aha! That’s one heck of an idea. Maybe we can add in a short link within that text, so that specific user may pay through it.

Said link could lead the user to our payment gateway (or one of our choosing). They get to add in a card / UPI info, and make the payment!

A few seconds later, we get the confirmation within our bill split tab within the app.


Very Good Idea. Can be a good addition to Jupiter App in the suggested format.


@Swagat_Panda Which format did you like the most and why? :thinking:

Found an alternative approach for splitting bills. Not bad tbh - 💵 Split the Bill App Flow by Priansh Shah on Dribbble


It’s a fine plan! The challenge lies in synchronising the payments. Suppose Friend A pays with his Paytm app, and Friend B pays with Google pay.

How do we tie all of that together? :thinking:

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This is split bill on steroids. The OCR feature is a neat add-on.

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This flow was pretty good! Would the OCR be an overkill add-on?

Considering the complex structure of Indian bills it’d be an overkill to start with, but a nice feature add if/ when the spilt bill takes flight.


Google Pay recently introduced a split bill feature. Even Paytm does sport a beta feature now.

I’m yet to test it. Did anyone try them?


@Shawnpinto , Dribbble seems good, but it will be great if you could incorporate some design elements and features from Splitwise App. The bill share feature via text, or email or through app is pretty good. Its a pretty good app. I know a lot of people using it everyday.


True @Swagat_Panda . I believe Splitwise is the go-to app for splitting bills right now :sweat_smile:
We’ll be incorporating similar features.

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Found this amazing UI reference. So there’s a slider to select the amount for the user.
A portion of the total amount can be set for each person :exploding_head:


@Swagat_Panda @Shawnpinto
I use this app for bill splitting, it even takes input from splitwise to create bill split and track expenses


Love the UI. Haven’t used bill split apps in iOS yet because  is infamous for not playing nice with app permissions.

But goDutch does look promising. Will keep an eye on this. Thanks, my dude!


Is there a possibility of generating quick links (something like jupiter.money/request/amount) with the pre entered amount and then the non-Jupiter can click pay and do it with their preferred payment method.