Group payment

You go out with friends and you want to split it with friends instead of going to the hassle of paying splitting and collecting the amount. A simple alternative select your friends you would like to split everyone approves on their phone and respective shares are detected from respective accounts.


Are you pointing out to equal splits?
Cus like my consumption is very less wrt my peers and equal slpits bugs me a lot tbh!

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Not equal splits option to enter amount and instant deduction from respective accounts. Just instant settlements

Monzo does this very elegantly.

Money splitting feature details -

I either do a UPI instantly to a friend or it goes in splitwise. So thats how I am managing it currently. What do others do? Heard a new YC company is solving this problem.

What I am suggesting is completely eliminate the need for splitwise instead of you going back and doing a upi transfer to your friend wouldn’t it be great if payment was done deducting amount from your account and paid through your friend to the merchant…

Just an idea

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What is the problem that splitwise or the upi transfer has currently?

I am not comfortable sharing my data with splitwise and looking to simplify the process reduce one extra app and also it allows you to build ecosystem if one user in your group is impressed by the product if encourages user to get his friends onboard.
If you’re are paying instantly you are not giving or taking credit from your friends better money management.

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Hey Varun, you said a very interesting thing around data, that you are not comfortable sharing your data. Starting a poll on whether people do share their data and use Splitwise actively.

Do you use Splitwise actively (once in a month minimum)?

  • Yes
  • No

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