Track & Settle Group Expenses

Our community has time and again suggested building a solution to Simplify Group payments.
But there are multiple apps solving this problem.

So share Your Go-to app for Splitting Bills: What wows you, disappoints you and what would you do differently if you were to Co-Create this with us!

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I’ve been an early user of GoDutch.
The direct UPI Integration and the WhatsApp Notifications are a boon as they save me from the awkwardness of personally pinging my friends!

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Yass, same!
Everytime I go hiking with my friends (twice a year atleast :stuck_out_tongue:), we use GoDutch to seamlessly manage our expenses!

It is loaded with features: create grps, chat and settle expenses there itself with UPI!
@Dev is right, the reminder feature is a life saver

In India, splitwise doesnt make much sense as all the required features are paid.
Would love to know if someone using Splitwise here is paying for the premium!

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I use Splitwise, works for me. Don’t use the premium version though. Log all expenses manually and pay off by a medium of my choice at the end of the shared expense (largely trips/ parties).

Haven’t checked GoDutch so far. Intrigued even who would pay for the premium services of Splitwise?

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i regularly use splitwise. it is seamless upto the part of logging the expenses. when it comes to settling up, it fails to impress. just got to know about go dutch, will try and see if it sticks

Welcome to the community Ratna!
Any specific part about settling up which is not the most pleasant experience on Splitwise?

I too use splitwise and think ‘Simplify Debts’ works seamlessly

i too love the feature. but, i have a bunch of friends who always think that it disturbs the mental accounting and are reluctant to use. the feature i was looking at is to pay then and there on the app so that it can record the transaction. that way i will have some evidence for the settlement rather just relying on manual settlement which makes me thinking when did i pay and how did i pay. i just downloaded godutch and i guess go dutch seem to have it.