Track & Settle Group Expenses

Our community has time and again suggested building a solution to Simplify Group payments.
But there are multiple apps solving this problem.

So share Your Go-to app for Splitting Bills: What wows you, disappoints you and what would you do differently if you were to Co-Create this with us!

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I’ve been an early user of GoDutch.
The direct UPI Integration and the WhatsApp Notifications are a boon as they save me from the awkwardness of personally pinging my friends!

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Yass, same!
Everytime I go hiking with my friends (twice a year atleast :stuck_out_tongue:), we use GoDutch to seamlessly manage our expenses!

It is loaded with features: create grps, chat and settle expenses there itself with UPI!
@Dev is right, the reminder feature is a life saver

In India, splitwise doesnt make much sense as all the required features are paid.
Would love to know if someone using Splitwise here is paying for the premium!

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I use Splitwise, works for me. Don’t use the premium version though. Log all expenses manually and pay off by a medium of my choice at the end of the shared expense (largely trips/ parties).

Haven’t checked GoDutch so far. Intrigued even who would pay for the premium services of Splitwise?

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