Rupees & Sense: Voting for the Ultimate Expense Tracker

Alright, folks, time to spill the beans on your financial secrets! We’re on a quest to find out which expense-tracking app floats your boat!

Dive into this epic poll and let us know which app helps you adult like a pro!

  • Money Manager (Available on android and iOS)
  • Axio (Available on Android only or a similar app)
  • Jupiter expense tracking
  • Paytm expense tracking
  • PayZapp expense tracking
  • Others - tell us more!!
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Payzapp is the best of all in my experience.

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How do you guys track in payzapp :thinking:. R u referring to the passbook feature

Yup. Passbook gives categories wise spends details with categories tagged automatically according to their MCC


At present, I use only the Jupiter app to track my expenses. Previously, I held an HDFC bank account and had downloaded the PayZapp app, but done only a few transactions (maybe one or two) with an older version. I’ve been hearing numerous positive reviews within the community about the latest version of that app.

My question is, does that app available only to HDFC customers, or can anyone use it for the purpose of expense tracking?

I believe it can be used by anyone. If one is a HDFC bank customer, the KYC is simpler as the HDFC KYC is considered good enough for Payzapp

I have no HDFC account but a credit card still am able to use it.


I don’t have any HDFC relationship but I am still using payzapp :sweat_smile:

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I don’t have any relationship with HDFC, but I’m still using it. Also did the minimum KYC for the PayZapp wallet.

After getting rupay CC since last 2 months, 98% of my transactions are via CC itself. So needed an app which helps me give insights of the spends like Jupiter did for banking transactions.
Payzapp helped me in getting this.


I am not sure if I am asking too much… But is it at all possible to see credit card transactions on Jupiter? at least the credit card bills under liabilities.

So I am thinking of Jupiter to be both like Cred for the credit card bills and like IND Money for tracking the stocks.

That way we’ll have a good net worth.

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@alexnazy as of now we cannot see the credit card transactions for other cards on Jupiter. If you have the Edge card, then yes; you get to see the transactions

I understand that the individual transactions may not be possible. But only the bill amounts. Anyways Jupiter has access to email. So just like Cred, Jupiter can retrieve the credit card bills from there.

I don’t know how difficult or easy it is though.

@Shawnpinto Any scoop on this? Have you guys thought about this? Credit Card Bills and Stocks tracking…

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Edge card holders have a separate tab.
There’s a section where you can see your Edge card spends separately. Rewards too.

If you’re asking for an overall credit card insights from other banks & services to be tracked on Jupiter, that’s not here yet.


That’s the goal we’re working towards. Thanks for pitching in.


Thanks @Shawnpinto and @arp4na :slight_smile:

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What are your top used features of your favorite app above - Money Manager or Payzapp or other that you voted, that you wish Jupiter provided urgently?

Adding rupay credit cards and tracking the spends made via rupay credit cards with categorisation and insights.
Main reason for using Payzapp.
And also onboarding all the bill payments of insurance, electricity and credit cards.