Introducing - Jupiter quest (Sneak peek)🚀

Introducing Jupiter Quest. This will be coming very soon :eyes:
This is an all-new gamified experience for new users who land on Jupiter and create an account! :rocket:
This won’t be applicable for existing account holders (Oops!)

Think of this as a series of quests/actions that you need to complete in order to get a reward. :candy:

Here’s how it looks :point_down:


  1. You will get 30 days to collect 11 moons. You can also earn up to 550 Jewels! :gem:
  2. You will have to collect 11 moons by completing 11 actions :scroll:
  3. Each action gives you 1 moon and some Jewels :new_moon:
  4. If you collect all 11 moons, you will be eligible to win an iPhone 13 :iphone:
  5. You can redeem your Jewels after completing video verification :white_check_mark:

Like the concept? What do you think about this? Let us know!


New user onboarding date eligible for this game. @Shawnpinto @Jiten .

You guys are just releasing the sneak peaks and not the actual thing… :rofl::rofl::rofl: Same with auto debit been a week since sneak peak and nothing yet…

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Joiner after 11th of March are eligible.

Nope. This will be available for those who had created their accounts after this is released.

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This is so cool… yet us veterans don’t get these huh? :pleading_face:

Et Tu Pintus!!!

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Cool onboarding + rewarding the user for completing tasks to get familiar with the app features is a win-win. Hopefully increases the stickiness!


not for us then , bad news

Everyone deserves…a community…and space…hoomaannnss

@Shawnpinto kya bolne ka…hehehehe

Peace n respect …