Making users to use the app regularly by providing games,offers..and rewards

Making users to use the app regularly by providing games,offers…and rewards…
If Jupiter start a simple game that everyone can play…so users will take it as a challenge and might use the app very frequently …so the real person to person advertising will be started,every person will get intrest in using Jupiter…for this we can give rewards in compliting task,and for winners…


Heyo @Naveen_01 :wave:t3:

Have you checked out the current ones? We have the Nothing rewards campaign.

Quest For Metal v1 was another one, it got over 2 weeks ago. We’re now building v2 and it should be out in December itself. Stay tuned on this thread for sneak peeks :eyes:

We previously did the Savings challenge a few months ago.

Could you recommend some gamified campaigns? :blob_thanks:

I would like to see some promotions on TV or something, make people aware about jupiter. Whenever I am paying a shop without that ‘payment sound making box’ using jupiter , people feels suspicious when i show the payment proof on the phone (sms notification comes late, so cant show it as a proof.) (They trust paytm and gpay).

I use paytm just because of this