How about gamifying the experience of users and linking it with the features in Jupiter app.

Eg. If I upload my CAMS statement for portfolio analyser then I get some reward points or complete stage 1 of my journey to Jupiter from Earth.


Someone say gamification? :eyes:
Say no more! We’re actually building some as we speak! We’ll see something next week. Stay tuned :grin:


It’d be awesome if we could see a nifty animation in the app Home Screen every time the balance goes up via credit, or drops for pay.

Maybe a slight increase in the ₹₹₹ fonts with a “whoosh” noise for credit?

We do have some animations when a transaction is complete. it also plays a short tune!
So like, when we deposit funds into the account, it’s technically a transaction so animation and sounds are being shown.

Once the transaction is complete, It takes you to the home screen. Are you suggesting we add the animation/sound here? This might be too quick/repetitive, to be honest. Since the user just heard it a few seconds ago.

Aye that’s the kicker! We do have animations, but the upi scanner appears “dead”. There’s no joy using it.

Can we do something about that particular screen tho? Something to spice it up a bit.

To be honest, I’d ask you! What exactly would you like to see on the QR code scanning page? If you have a reference of some sort…we can have a better idea for this one!


cracks knuckles

Okayyyy! Let’s do this!
This might sound dumb, but have you tried scanning a QR code with Paytm? Please do. Then switch to Jupiter’s scanner. You’ll notice the difference right away.

Paytm scanner has a tiny animation which comes off as an actual scanner. It tosses a tiny animation that travels up and down the scanner box. Looks cool.

Jupiter’s scanner doesn’t move an inch. It’s static, thus comes off as “dead”.

Can we add in that movement animation to the scanner and then add a tiny noise of a rocket whizzing past after the transaction is complete?

For the transaction complete screen, we already. do it pretty simple and easy. Improvements can be made though. I really wish if we could take inspiration from Google pay’s screen on that front.


Got it! Just used both the apps. This is how the scanner is on Paytm right now.

For the animation, I guess you mean the blue box at the center and the line thingy going up and down. :face_with_monocle:

Gpay has a colourful one too but took me a while to open it.