Bullet Suggestions

Hey :wave:,

I Have some suggestions for Bullet.

Here’s is it

  1. Cashback On Selected Merchant.
  2. IN App Chat Support.
  3. Customize UPI I’d.
  4. Notification Bar.

That’s all hope I will see these features in Future :see_no_evil:.


Also Jupiter team should be integrating the bullet app in Jupiter itself. There is no point in having 2 different apps from same company for banking/payment/credit when we already have other apps.
Paytm is somewhat giving a single payment+banking+BNPL but it’s extremely cluttered and not what I look forward to use.


And also I wanted to add that

  1. should have ability to customize the UPI id otherwise it’s just give away our phone numbers to strangers
  2. Payment and BNPL/bullet should be on home page or you can have a system like PaytmMoney main launch page where everything is there and if you choose something to use then you click on it and go there with full fledged features. Inside you can have a Jupiter app for banking.