Tested app today. Loved it

Hey all,
I tried the app today
Lucky to be among first 100 to land on jupiter.
Loved the overall experience
I have 10+ bank active accounts my hatest part is account opening part, but Fav part about jupiter is how smooth and easy account opening process was. You’ve reduced redundancy everywhere by avoiding unnecessary questions :100:
It’s cool how you’ve worked on every little details like option to auto-fill debit card details on UPI activation or sharing transaction receipt, It’s the little things like this makes the app great :heart:
Great animations which makes account opening process so nice
Debit card will be dispatched in 2 days, waiting eagerly :crossed_fingers:

Areas for improvement :
I opened my account today by depositing 5000. Then when I tried to withdraw through UPI it threw error I’ve crossed the 24 hours limit (which is applicable only first day of activation) so if you’re testing app I’d suggest using other modes to deposit on first day instead of transfering using inbuilt UPI

Interest rate is kinda low compared to my indusind or IDFC bank account so I won’t be keeping lot of cash. It’ll be nice if you start something like FD auto transfer when balance is above or below certain threshold

Screenshot : Most annoying part is I can’t screenshot anything Idk if it’s just during early access or security featute. It’s annoying af

It’ll be nice if you add shortcut to Debit card section in home tab
Also I couldn’t figure out how to update profile pic

Waiting to be verified member :raised_hands:t2:

Overall it was great experience, worth the wait :100: standard “Backed By Zerodha” product


In home screen there’s banner “Love the app? Help us improve?”
I’m nit able to click “see how” button.

Also is shaking phone supposed to open help menu? Even that’s not working


Yes shake feature is not working

Do update your app, that might be the reason.
And by shaking your phone you can send in bug reports or suggestion :slight_smile:

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It’s updated still a hard shake is required to open the instabug popup !