Why this partiality Team Jupiter? User Specific 5x Rewards Launched On Debit Card and UPI spends

Why this partiality Team Jupiter ?

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This is not all fair, Jupiter has to respond for this.

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Even I didn’t received, maybe it’s for pro salary user, if it’s user sufficient, it’s unfair :slightly_smiling_face:

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Bro who give u this ss ?


Let me help in clarifying. We are running a specific campaign for a small bunch of users. It is for a limited time. We add unique campaigns from time to time. Sometime it will be for all users, sometime it will be for just a few.

Note: The core program has not changed and will never be unfair to loyal users.

Hope this helps! :grinning:


No such scenario with the users who received the offer , no salary account in Jupiter

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On what basis the specific campaign was initiated and on what criteria the bunch of users selected…I am on Jupiter platform since the time of beta testing never ever received any user specific offer

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@beastboy Can you confirm whether the above offer is from salary account holder? For new salary account holders Jupiter has giving new offers for first 2 months I think. You can find the thread in community.


@niranjan_kumar , already mentioned above its for a non salary account holder

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Aap kahe has rahe :upside_down_face:

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It’s called business :joy:

My mother usually spends around 50k in a month through Jupiter and she did not receive that quest contest while I spend only 4-5k in a month and I received that quest contest for the metal card. I felt that they intentionally don’t provide offers to specific users.

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Actually they want to attract the peoples , who don’t use or less use the app :joy:



they’re basically beta testing the new upcoming rewards structure where everything remains effectively same but gets multiplied by 5 for jewels credit and divided by 5 for jewels redemption


I don’t think soo :rofl: it’s actually user specific limited time offer for attraction of New customer.

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