My Wishlist for Jupiter

  1. I think community tab should be opened from app ,not by redirecting to browser…

  2. We should have an option to set our profile picture on our jupiter account…

  3. In kotak bank there is an option that is, just put mobile number and their upi id linked with that number came and ultimatelly become easy to send money…the feature name is “pay Your contacts”

  4. Qr code on debit card…

  5. Option to download date customized account statement…

  6. Cancelled cheque download option…

  7. Fixed deposit opening.

  8. Mobile number change

  9. Nominee change option.

  10. Remove unnecessary cartoon banner…and make it streamline…

  11. ultimatelly opening own bank rather than federral bank ,it feeling sometime that I am dependent on federral bank and for some issue jupiter help man relocate me to federral call number,it would never happen if all controll would stay on one hand.

  12. Credit cards…

  13. Managing credit

  14. Adding more bank credit card support on bill payment options…

  15. I have posted wrong email id to upgrade pro salary account,but there is no option to edit it …Please give us an option to edit it.


Hey! :hyper_wave:

Let me share some updates for these:

  1. You can access the community via the Jupiter app! Just open the app, head over to settings, scroll down and tap on community. This is lengthy process so here’s a shortcut:

Having a browser shortcut and a PWA app should work. That’s what most of us use.

  1. Profile pic for Jupiter account - We’re thinking about this one :slight_smile:
  2. Pay to contacts is WIP.
  3. We do not see the relevance for this one. This idea was brought up by @Debosmit_Majumder too.

Check this: QR on debit cards to add money via UPI

Is this the same use case for you too?

  1. Download bank statements for custom dates is WIP.
  2. Cancelled cheque download option, This will be live for next quarter.
  3. FD’s, we’re aiming to launch this soon. Check this out.
  4. Mobile number change - Aiming for 3rd week of December. Check sneak peeks here :eyes:
  5. Erm… what did you mean by ‘cartoon banner…and make it streamline…’ :thinking:
  6. Credit cards - We’re working on something in the lending space, no sneak peeks yet!
  7. Paying credit card bills is WIP too.
  8. Wrong email ID - Let me get back to you on this.


  1. You are totally right about web app but I was saying to include in totally on jupiter app,so that we do not need an web app…

  2. Actually it is would be extra features not necessarily qe need it …but it looks cool as paytm payments bank debit card is…

  3. On home page of jupiter app,there is so much banner of saying this and that…it would be better to place useful information like account number, IFSC code and upi id ,rather than giving these option into account section…or so that on first page we get necessary information

  4. yes there is credit card bill payment option but state bank credit card optijn is not there…

a. And yes, I forget to say about making a web version of jupiter.

b. Support prepaid mobile recharge in jupiter app .

Btw Thanks for so quick action about feedback,this is the sign of how serious jupiter is about their customer and as well as business,actually I am going to close my account then enter community page and I am thinking to make this account my primary account as I feel confidence on management…


True, it will be nice if it’s integrated :thinking:
Right now, our community is being hosted by a service from a community forum provider called Discourse (Not discord).

Noted! Could you further specify the ‘this and that’? Oh and, meet @Ankit_Misra .
He’s our product manager for home page :grimacing:
Let’s narrow this down.

Np bud! :blob_thanks:

Ok ,So basically what Do I want to say is,for a second open your jupiter account, and you will see “scan and pay” feature is on top of recent transaction
Please place it ,somewhere on top beside jewel section,or anywhere else but on front page…

And while you scroll down lil bit there is a banner saying what’s new on jupiter,Its fine but it is taking uncessarilly long place,reduce it’s size and place some useful information there like bank details,account number and ifsc code on front page…,Now Manage these what Am I saying…I will be happy if You guys give importance on these …

You asked and we’ve built one of your wishlist items! :slight_smile:
FD option is live on Jupiter and it’s currently under testing.

Jupiter lab members have access to it -

Come, try it out!

Jupiter linked my email ID to some sort of a mutual funds database. So now I’m unable I change my email ID in Jupiter.
What’s funny is I’ve never really used mutual funds through Jupiter except browsing a few.

Hope to see a fix.