Our Public Roadmap on Trello 🆙

Great ideas :bulb: deserve to be seen. That’s why we have a

where you can view, upvote, and track ideas from people just like you. Get in line Onwards and upwards!


Our Board has seen a refresh, putting all the extra time to good use - we’ve picked up some projects and multiple things being built simultaneously!

Also you can check ideas from our contributors :

One which sounds very fascinating!
@Siddharth_Rastogi’s Innovative Card

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Guess what our first product feature is ready to be shipped!

24*7 In-app Chat support :partying_face: :rocket:

Are you excited as much as we are! Starting tomorrow we will now discuss one idea a day from “Your out of the world ideas” at the end of which we’ll pick those ideas that you value the most!

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Thank you @Raghu_Varma, 3 of your ideas have been selected and will be picked next in our product building journey! :tada: :grimacing:

Guys, keep posting all your ideas in the Ideas category! we are here to listen to your ideas and build it together with you!

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Please update the board. It has outdated info.


Why trello board isn’t being updated?

please be active and be interactive as much as possible with the community members, either in the community website or in the Trello. As a customer or a community member we always loved to be heard.