New channels added, leaderboard and more! 💬

:rotating_light: Forum updates! :rotating_light:

While our community continues to grow and evolve, we’ve added more subcategories and made slight improvements.

New sub-categories added

  1. Film and TV :tv:

A space for sharing your favorite series, movies, documentaries, and more.

  1. Technology :robot:

Are you a techy? Then this is for you!
Conversations from Phones, laptops, and apps, all the way to AI.

  1. Gaming :video_game:

For Gamers only. Share the games you currently play and the latest controller you’ve bought.

  1. Music :musical_note:

What’s your favorite song? Here’s a space for you to share your favorite jam.

Leaderboard tweaks

We’ve made some slight edits to our rocket values & added more ways to earn them.
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Product focus for the quarter

While some of you have already seen it, Here’s a list of initiatives we’ve picked up for this quarter.

Money management & insights

  • :coin: Spare change investments
  • :scroll: Recurring Bill Payments
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Credit score Builder
  • :robot: Improving Categorization Accuracy


  • :sparkles: Redemption to physical gold
  • :coin: A new experience for Digital gold (dashboard)
  • :toggle_on: Possibility for the investments section to move to the bottom tabs.


  • :calling: Pay to contacts/phone number
  • :calling: Mobile Recharges category launch in Billpay
  • :alarm: Improving bill reminder accuracy and timeliness
  • :selfie: scan and pay experience to be faster than ever + new scanner with 2x zoom option
  • :bank: Net banking system for users with Federal bank.

Sneak peeks below:

App experience

  • :tick: Some have you may have noticed that certain sections of the app may look different from each other. We’re going to standardize the designs and experience for everyone.
  • :zap: Latency improvement on the home page, Scan & Pay
  • :old_key: Login experience


You might hear some good news soon :eyes:

Let us know which ones you’re really excited about in the thread :point_down:
More updates shall arrive in a few weeks.

Let us know which ones you’re excited about here - Our Public Roadmap on Trello 📝

That’s all for now, enjoy!


Also 6 weeks savings challenge has also started.

This banner should be visible in the pots page.


All the payment, app experience updates & announcement around credit cards are exciting!!

Credit Cards !!!

:rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: