QR on debit cards to add money via UPI

Often my phone is out of charge and if I want to receive money, there’s no way to share QR Code.

A constant QR Code on the debit card can help with receiving money quicker than sharing phone number or UPI ID


Yeah, QR code on the back side of the debit card. We’ve this on the cards issued by Paytm payments bank.


Yup, Paytm has the QR code on their debit cards.
While scanning, it takes you to the app though (banking section - Cards)

Quick poll.
Would QR codes on your debit card help you in such cases?

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Another question. Does it require a specific scanner or any QR code reader should be able to scan the QR on the card?

Just realized that the QR code on PayTm card required the PayTm app to access it. Other QR code scanners didn’t work. This is probably to avoid other people to scan it.

But what was the point of scanning it if I opened the app in the first place? I could have navigated to the card section :thinking:

We could change the naviagtion for the QR code though. It could be used to receive funds as @Debosmit_Majumder mentioned.

There could be a constant QR Code.
i.e. add-money.jupiter.randomnumber@jupiter

UPI QR doesn’t need a specific app or protocol to add money.


Ah right! Thanks @Debosmit_Majumder !
I’ll share this with the team to see if we could add this to the card :credit_card:


Wouldn’t it be better if we could add ‘Pay to phone number’ instead? There’s no need to add a QR code on the card then. We’re working on pay to phone number feature :slight_smile:


Pay by phone sounds interesting. But Wouldn’t that involve user profiles? It’d be much easier if we had one.

For example, I as Nithin Thomas will have my own user profile in Jupiter. It should be tied to my UPI, bank acc info, profile picture and phone number.

So anybody with my phone number should be able to search and find my profile with ease.

Helps with payments! And we def need to add in a profile pic mechanism :sweat_smile:


Yeah, Slice just finished implementing it through &IDs. Google Pay has also introduced the UPI Number concept: Read more

However the point is both privacy and convenience.

  • A QR Code would remove the hassle of remembering and entering a UPI ID.
  • Sharing of phone number is not necessary.

The concept is to have a permanent UPI add money QR on the card


Any update on this ?..

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We’re not considering this one. It’s better if we receive it via phone number instead. (WIP)

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Ok then you guys design like this,So that we can deposit money on our jupiter account via any app using QR printed on our debit card.


How can we get the new debit card then?

The best features which Jupiter can add is that they can introduce a sticker based qr code share through watsapp or any other platform for example they should be and icon to share qr code which would give the option to select sticker you would select one of the sticker and then it would be able to share on the WhatsApp

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Hey @AdilAhmed we allow sharing of self QR codes!
You can click on the QR code scanner button (home page) > QR icon > share QR > you will see the options. Eg: WhatsApp.

It generates an image that can be shared.


Yes also you can share your UPI id to receive payment, of comercial you can share mmid or account number and IFS code

This was the initial idea. A merchant-like permanent QR on card.

However UPI Number solves the problem too albeit with its cons:

  • One Account can only have UPI Numbers through a particular app only.

  • Let us suppose that app is Jupiter, then the availability of preferred UPI number is still from a pool of global numbers from all other apps - and quite hard for you to get the same